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How to use grappling hook?

Actually i am the very first stage, and helll i cant use grappling hook to climb up that building, when i click LB the hook gets attached and when i release nothing happens, it releases,,,plz help me how to use it properly?

san_kv provided additional details:

Thanksy buddy, but i am talking about the very first level, in which u have to climb a building, the game itself saying that use ur LB button to climb the building, thats where my problem is, when i click LB button the hook gets attached and when i release the button it gets released, so how should i reach on the top, i didnt come across events like parachute or climbing down the building etc, my main concern is how to get on top of it?

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bastila13091 answered:

You have to tap LB. If you hold it, the game thinks you want to chain two things together (not including yourself) so try just tapping it real quick.
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FatalBipedalCow answered:

You can do two seperate things once the grappling hooks pulls you up to where you want to be. You can either hit the B button which drops you down to the ground (mostly likely what you are doing) or you can hit the A button which makes you jump off of the object you have been grappled up to. There is a third option as well, while in the process of being pulled up (once you have left the ground but have not been pulled up fully) hit the A button in mid-air to open your parachute, you use this option for the parachute climbing (also if you just repeatedly pull yourself along the ground its a faster way to get around than by solely running).
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san_kv answered:

It worked, thanks
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lugassy24 answered:

You tap LB then tap it again to gapple somewhere else.
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Blessedman112 answered:

My grapple is screwing up, i wanna grapple like 10 things to one thing but when i make the first connection(which is successful) and i wanna make a second connection, the first one cancels itself out. what should i do.
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benjobong answered:

Two functions:

Tap LB = grapple to a place


Hold LB = attach one end of hook
Release LB = attach other end of hook.

You can only tether together two things - theres no way to tether 10 things to one thing like that guy asked.
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Dox4242 answered:

There're youtube videos of PC players using a cheat function to grapple 10 and 20 things together. On Xbox, 2 is the limit.
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