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Asked: 4 years ago

Does anyone know the pre-order codes for just cause 2?

when i pre-ordered the game two days ago online, i was told i would get the codes the next day and when it came to it i saw no codes and i pissed because i really wanted those codes plus its been two days and i still see no e-mail with the codes....SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They are coming in the game box

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I preordered and I got my stuff in the box

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They come on a slip of paper in the actual game case with the redemption code on it.

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I have got the Limited Edition which I got for pre-ordering. There is a card inside the box which is unique that you use to get your pre-order. I had Rico's signature gun, an assault rifle with scope, a civilian car, a new parachute, hovercraft + more all redeemable via the one code.

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