Question from oblivionzero44

Is Dark Kahn playable?

I know its a longshot, and I would hate it if he is playable since hes so cheap. But I was thinking that if you beat arcade mode with both Dark Seid and Shao Kahn he might become playable.

oblivionzero44 provided additional details:

What new characters would they put in? Hopefully reptile, whatever genius left him out and put in baraka should get fired.

Accepted Answer

ethant8787 answered:

No, Dark Kahn is not yet playable.
As you may already know, downloadable content is planned to contain new playable characters, however Dark Kahn has not been declared to be a part of these add-ons.
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HardXExplain answered:

Nope, sorry dude. Only Shao Khan is unlockable, but hopefully downloadable content will fix that.
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