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What are the finishing moves for the game Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe?

The book does not contain any finishing moves for this game. Please provide me with a list of the finishing moves for this game.


tyler655 answered:

Liu Kang's mk1 arcade drop is my personal favorite :-)


* Chest Stab (close): Forward(2), Down(2), A
* Stab Slam (close): Back, Forward, Down, Forward, X


* Bat Swarm (close): Down, Back, Forward(2), B
* Grappling Hook (sweep): Down(3), Up, A

Captain Marvel

* Ground Slam: Down, Back, Down, Forward, Y
* Slam & Stomp: Down, Forward, Back, Forward, X


* Neck Breaker: Down, Back, Down, Forward, Y
* Claw Attack: Forward, Back, Forward, Back, B


* Gunshot (close): Forward(2), Down, Forward, Y
* Neck Breaker (close): Forward, Down, Back, Forward, A

Green Lantern

* Orb Squeeze: Forward, Back, Down, Back, A
* Hammer Smash: Back, Forward, Down(2), B


* Head Smash (close): Back, Forward(2), Back, Y
* Machine Gun (close): Forward(2), Back(2), X


* Knife Throw (close): Back, Down, Back, Forward, X
* Flip Stomp (one step away): Down(2), Forward, Back, B


* Fan Throw to The Head (sweep): Back(2), Forward, X
* Kiss of Death (sweep): Forward, Down(2), Back, A

Lex Luthor

* Body Twist (close): Down, Forward, Down, Back, Y
* Missile Attack (one step away): Up(3), X

Liu Kang

* Mortal Kombat 1 Arcade Drop (sweep): Forward, Back, Down(2), A
* Head Stomp (one step away): Down(2), Forward, Down, B


* Ground Slam (close): Down, Forward, Down, Up, Y
* Electrocution (close): Back, Forward(2), Down, B


* Toasty!(sweep): Down(3), B
* Lava Pool (close): Forward(2), Back, Down, A

Shang Tsung

* Back Breaker (close): Back, Down, Forward, A
* Morph (close): Down(2), Forward(2), Y

Sonya Blade

* Kiss of Death (sweep): Down(2), Back, Forward, X
* Neck Breaker (one step away): Down, Back, Forward(2), B


* Freeze Kick (close): Back(2), Down, Back, B
* Freeze Slam (close): Back, Forward, Down, Forward, Y


* Ground Pound (close): Down(2), Forward(2), X
* Freeze Slam (close): Forward(2), Down, Back, B

The Flash

* Flashy Beatdown: Back(2), Forward(2), B
* Whirlwind Slam: Down, Forward, Down, Back, Down, Forward, A

The Joker

* Gunshot (close): Forward, Back, Forward, X
* Playing Cards (close): Back, Down, Back, Forward, Y

Wonder Woman

* Lasso Slam: Up, Back, Down, Forward, X
* Lasso Spin: Forward, Back(2), Forward, B

A quick note on The Joker's fatalities. There is an uncensored version that is only available outside of North America.
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tyler655 answered:

Sorry i forgot the parenthesis words are how far away you need to be from the enemy.
(sweeping distance close and one step away).
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