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                               For the Xbox 360

                              Achievement Guide
                       Author: Brian Morris (Nerthing)
                   E-mail: Nerthing (at) Gawab (dot) com
                    Originally Created: November 21, 2008
                          Last Updated: May 25, 2009
                             Current Version: 1.1
                         Copyright 2009 İ Brian Morris


|                              TABLE OF CONTENTS                              |

Achievements                ::  [*A]  ::
  Bot in the City
  Can't Touch This
  Full Arsenal
  Lead Foot
  Lead Foot Jr.
  Leader of the Pack
  Money Bags
  Plays Well with Others
  Spped Limit
  Tentacled and Dangerous
  You Maniacs!

Updates                     ::  [*B]  ::

Copyright                   ::  [*C]  ::


                                Achievements                               [*A]

Achievements are listed in alphabetical order. Gamerscore acquired from each
achievement is shown in parenthesis.


Arachnosplat! (10) - Successfully finish track 4 by killing the Giant Spider

If you're having trouble beating track 4, try playing it on multiplayer, as
you can never truly die.

A good strategy I found was to go as slow as possible and stay on the leftmost
side. Since you're going slow, you should be able to easily dodge all of the
red mine-like things he drops. It is crucial to avoid these since they will
take out about half of a hit point with max shield upgrades.


Bot in the City (25) - Successfully finish track 8 by killing the City

If you're having trouble beating track 8, try playing it on multiplayer, as
you can never truly die.

A good strategy I found was to go as slow as possible and stay on the leftmost
side. The boss will drop red mine-like things very slowly, and his followers
(things who shoot echoes at you) will only shoot in the middle. Staying on
the side guarentees avoiding getting hit by everything (except obstacles).


Can't Touch This (20) - Race all 8 tracks in one sitting and complete the
                        final track with full shields.

To get this, all eight tracks must be raced IN A ROW. This means that when
you finish track 1, you have to press "A" to continue to track 2. If you press
"B", you will have to start this over again.

It doesn't matter if you die in any of the tracks, as long as you retry after
you died. An easy way to survive is to go as slow as possible, so that enemies
can't swarm you.

On track 8, you have to finish with full shields - you don't need
to have them full the whole time. To end the track with full shields, make sure
you have the highest shield upgrade. When you kill enemies that leave shield
powerups, leave them on the ground - they will stay there the entire race.
Try to shoot obstacles on the leftmost side, as you'll be sticking to that
side during the boss. At the boss, just stick to the leftmost side and shoot.

The boss's damage will appear by the smoke that comes out of him. Each line
of smoke means he is hurt 1/4 of his life, with up to three lines of smoke.
If you get damaged and he is almost dead, don't kill him - there is no rush.
If there are no shield powerups, just continue without getting hit - your
vehicle's shield regenerates over time.


Full Arsenal (15) - Obtain all weapons at least once before exiting the game.

"Exiting the game" for this achievement means literally turning the game off.
If you complete a track, you keep all weapons found; quitting in the middle
will result in no weapons being obtained.

A common way of doing this achievement is to repeat track 2 over and over
again, making sure to focus all attention on picking up weapons. There are
five weapons to pick up (Gatling Laser, Shotgun Laser, Soulblade Launcher,
Gauss Gun, Rocket Launcher) and an additional two that don't count as weapons
(Shield Discharge and Sonic Blast).

Weapon storage is not required - the weapons must be picked up, but don't have
to all be with you.


Lead Foot (20) - Complete all 8 courses in under 40 minutes. Only your best
                 career times from each track are used.

This can be done quite effortlessly. It's best to get faster times on earlier
courses, as they are easiest. On harder courses you can go slow and still
get this achievement.

If you need to go fast on the later tracks, Shield Discharge and Sonic Blast
are a must.


Lead Foot Jr. (10) - Complete a course in 3 minutes or less.

Purchase the most expensive vehicle and go as fast as possible in track 1.
If you're having trouble, purchase the best wheels.


Leader of the Pack (15) - Save up to 1 million coins.

Upgrade to the most expensive vehicle and get the strongest shields. Go to
track 2 and get the Gatling Laser. Track 5 is the place that gives the most

Make sure to go as slow as possible. The goal is to shoot as many obstacles
as you can. Shooting obstacles generates coins. Road blocks will give around
200 - 300 coins each, and there are lots of them. Piggy banks give 350 coins
when picked up, but 500 - 1,000 when shot. Fire hydrants will give lots of
shield powerups, which give you about 150 coins each when you are at max
shields, and 15 when not at max. Gold coins dropped by enemies give 200 coins,
but are the lowest priority.

During your first lap, you'll want to shoot all the obstacles you can. Fire
hydrants are the most important, while piggy banks are second. Some enemies
that you kill will drop shield powerups and piggy banks. Shield Discharge or
Sonic Blast are recommended for killing groups of enemies so that you can focus
your shots on the obstacles.

On the second lap, you'll want to collect as many coins as possible. If you
can, shoot obstacles while you collect the coins. For the third lap, try to
collect as much as you can.

Each run will net around 10 - 24 thousand coins, depending on how well you know
the course. Getting this achievement will take about 41 - 100 runs.


Money Bags (5) - Collect 1000 coins.

This achievement should be gained easily after doing track 1 or 2.


Plays Well with Others (5) - Win or lose, finish a race with another player

Simply finish a race with another player - doesn't matter what kind of match.


Speed Limit (10) - Complete a track having reached a speed of at least 250 mph.

Purchase the most expensive vehicle, and the most expensive wheels. Go to
track 5 and make sure to hold up while getting all the boosters you can. To
get this achievement you only need to get at least 250 MPH DURING the race.
Once you hit 250 MPH, just finish the race.

For multiplayer, you can die on a booster to go about 400 MPH.


Tentacled and Dangerous (15) - Create or join a multiplayer ranked match and
                               achieve the highest score.

Create a ranked match on level 1 and get the highest score.


You Maniacs! (50) - Finish track 8 in any multiplayer game and kill the City

This can be done with Bot in the City. Just kill the final boss in any
multiplayer match.

                                Updates                                    [*B]

1.0 (11/21/08) - Started Achievement Guide
1.1 (05/25/09) - Changed formatting, fixed some errors

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