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How do you free the Dragon Serpents throughout the map?

I see the dragon serpents throughout the map but don't know how to free them. Any tips?

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doughboy84 answered:

Hold X nearby one and it will auto target the dragon and blow the leather bounds off it.
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I_am_Chubbs answered:

Target them, hold X.
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dynamicgrimking answered:

Target them with LT, then hold X
go to
it is a link to a map of all the collectibles
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bumpinmonkey answered:

There are two ways to free the Ball-Gagged Dragon Statues.

First way is to face them and hold down X to use Clementine's Pyro attack on them to free them.

Second way is to run towards them, but a little to the side of one, and use the Power Slide move.

So basically, if those two techniques work, I'd think any Fire-element attack will free the dragon statues.
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