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How do i beat Lionwhyte?

Im at the war type of battle against lionwhyte inside his castle and i KEEP losing; can someone give me a good strategy to beat this? i usuallywait till Stage Upgrade 3 and then get roadies, etc...HELP PLEASE!!!!

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oblivionatm answered:

When you get the roadies, and have control of all of the merch booths up to the point of his gate, you need to send the roadies to destroy the turret towers on either side of the gate. For this use the individual ordering/ beacon system you learned while going through the cleave. Once these towers are destroyed you can push back his troops and send yours to break down the gate. When the gate is destroyed, you win.
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NinjaDave13 answered:

I would suggest making sure you get all of the merch booths this way anything he sends at you will only be a couple guys easily beat then use your roadies to get the impaler towers and then go after the gate
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