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Version 0.3

Platforms 	Xbox 360
		PlayStation 3

Publisher 	Capcom, www.capcom.com

Developer 	GRIN, www.grin.se

Genres 		Action

US Release  	May 18, 2009

EU Release	May 22, 2009

Tips & Tricks and Walkthrough by GFH

Overview ........................................ BC-01.00
Controls ........................................ BC-02.00
Game play Tips & Tricks.......................... BC-03.00
Difficulty Description .......................... BC-04.00
Walkthrough ..................................... BC-05.00
	Ascension City Downtown I ............... BC-05.01
	Tutorial ................................ BC-05.02
	Ascension City Downtown I cont. ......... BC-05.03
	Ascension City Downtown II .............. BC-05.04
	Ascension City Downtown III ............. BC-05.05

BC-01.00		Overview

I’m going to offer you a walkthrough as well as points of where the collectibles
are hidden on each of these levels. Neither of which are hard to find or follow
given the fact that you’ll stumble over checkpoints almost for every corner
in the game.

I’ll also offer some brief game play tips and tricks useful both in single
player and multiplayer.

Lastly the descriptions are written with the 360 controller in mind but apart
from the button names it’s the same button layout (save for the ability to
swap the shoulder buttons on the PS3).

BC-02.00		Controls

LS	-	Movement
RS	-	Camera control (click for zoom)
A	-	Jump, zip (double tap when hooked to enemy to zip kick)
B 	-	Light punch
Y 	- 	Heavy punch
X 	– 	Use, skip cut scenes
LT 	- 	Attach cable
RT 	- 	Fire weapon
RB 	- 	Swap weapon (hold for inventory menu)
LB + LS - 	Evade
D-pad 	- 	Quick Camera turn
Back 	- 	Challenge menu
Start 	- 	Pause

BC-03.00		Game play Tips & Tricks


This is the main mechanic of the game and vital to get a hang of in order to
survive and gain momentum. Press and hold LT to attach the hook to any
surface within reach, shown with a blue reticule. If the reticule is grey it
means you only need to jump to reach the point. In general I recommend
jumping before attaching to instantly get forward momentum in the swing.
(hold LS forward to force pendulum motion)

The angle in which you release the hook is important as well. If you release
too late in the motion you will fly straight upwards or too soon you’ll find
yourself falling. You’ll be hinted of when to release by a reticule but I
recommend practicing as much as you can in the tutorial to get a feel for it


Evade is highly recommended if you desire to remain alive for longer than two
seconds. While moving it’s enough to tap the bumper to perform an evade. A
well timed evade can determine the outcome greatly.


Zipping is a move that makes you move 20 meters in a split second. When under
heavy fire; hook to a beam above and zip up to elude the attacker, hook to a
wall to quickly traverse up the steep surface or just hook to the enemy and
attempt a zip kick. It’s also a good way of quickly traveling forward when
running or down to the ground when jumping off a ledge.


Zip-Kick is one of the basic elements of melee combat; attach to an enemy
and tap the jump button twice to leap up into the air and then zip to the
enemy and land a devastating kick. It deals damage and stuns the opponent.
The zip-kick is ultimately a great way of pushing opponents over ledges
for an instant kill.


Combined with a Light Punch; Punch-Up becomes useful in tighter areas.
Press Y-button to execute a Heavy Punch that throws the opponent into the
air, and then tap A to jump up and finish with the B-button to send him
flying with a devastating punch mid air. Like the Zip-kick this is a useful
move to send opponents over ledges for fast kills.

Death from Above

This is one of the trickier moves to succeed with, especially if your
opponents rarely stay on the ground. But a well timed Death from above will
kill on impact and send any survivors flying.


Throw is exclusive to single player and is useful against distant targets,
press Y when attached to an object and press Y to toss it into the air.
Remain hooked and press B to throw it against an auto-targeted enemy. If the
enemy is too close to throw at; Spencer will rip the object down at him,
creating a devastating shockwave at the surrounding enemies.

It’s also possible to toss enemies into the air by hooking onto them and
press Y to send them into the air, subsequently turning them into living


Rip is also single player exclusive. It’s basically a case of hooking to a
hanging object to pull it down on enemies or rip a grabbed enemy towards
Spencer to use him as a human shield. When hooked; mash B until the object
falls or the enemy is pulled into Spencer’s grasp.

Bear in mind that grunts that are grabbed from the front will be able to pull
out a shock stick and slam an electric current onto the wire to damage
Spencer. If they are grabbed from behind they will be helpless until dealt

BC-04.00		Difficulty Description


Normal is the easiest setting and you’re allowed to make mistakes once,twice
and even three times. This is the difficulty to choose if you want to put
focus on practicing your skills with the swing and the bionic attacks.


Hard demands some more focus than Normal; damage and accuracy from the
enemies are increased but still give some room for errors for persons new
to the swing.


Commando is the true challenge and only recommended to attempt after
completing the game once. Being quick on your feet, skilled at the swing
and using the bionic moves is vital for staying alive on this difficulty.
Even the cannon fodders throw quite the punch at you and especially avoid
getting caught in a sniper’s scope; he’ll kill you with a single shot.

BC-05.00		Walkthrough

Note that the difficulty doesn’t change the amount of enemies or nature of
events.  When you start out you’ll be without the bionic arm and your first
task is to locate and retrieve it.

The amount of collectibles found in each level is listed in the level title.

BC-05.01		Ascension City Downtown I (Collectibles - 5)

After the cut scene ends you’ll find yourself in an office building, head
through the hole in the wall into a hallway. You’ll see a grunt run across
the intersecting hallway from left to right. Kill him and then pick up the
collectible (1) located where the grunt ran from. Proceed through the office
building until you run into a second grunt. Kill him and then approach the
intersecting hallway cautiously.

Three grunts guards the hallway from behind debris, run up the stairs before
they detect you, pick up the collectible (2) and then kill them from above
through the hole in the floor. Run down the stairs they’re guarding into a
bigger office space. Pick up the collectible (3) to the furthest right in
this room and then continue through the room with soda dispensers.

Kill the grunt at the end of the windowed hallway and pick another
collectible (4) to the left in the following room, continue right and down
the stairs. A small patrol walks away from you downstairs; kill them and
look to the right where the next collectible (5) is located. Follow the
corridors across another windowed hallway and down the stairs to trigger
the tutorial level.

BC-05.02		Tutorial (Collectibles - 4)

The tutorial is a plain case of ‘Do as you’re told’.
Mind that there’s four collectibles hidden here.

Collectible (1) – Once you’ve reached the relay, take out the three dummies
surrounding it to make the relay accessible. Look behind you and you’ll find
three bars lit up. Follow them around to a high ledge. Look down you’ll see
it, you’ll just have to jump down to grab it.

Collectible (2) – Access the ‘Rip tutorial’ from the relay. Before executing
the challenge, go left and swing on the green bars near the ceiling around
to the back. Time your release to grab it in mid air.

Collectible (3) – Access the ‘Death from Above tutorial’ from the relay.
Before executing it, look down to locate it and then steer at it when you
perform the Death from Above.

Collectible (4) – Access the ‘Punch Up tutorial’ from the relay. Before
executing the challenge turn 180 degrees and look up. Grab the bar and zip
up to it to reach the collectible.

BC-05.03		Ascension City Downtown I cont. (Collectibles - 1)

Run out through the open hole in the wall to get a view of Ascension city.
Jump out and down to street level (you will not die). Grab a hold onto the
first street sign, the Collectible (1) is located only a swing away from it
so time your release to catch it.

Continue down the street and into the sewer pipe to exit the level.

BC-05.04		Ascension City Downtown II (Collectibles - 4)

This level is pretty straight forward, follow the main street and pick up
the Collectible (1) hidden behind the second highway beam.  Continue down
the road until you’ll see a piece of monorail track to your right, bear in
mind there’s a collectible (2) to the left side of the radiated pit.

Swing along the monorail track and pick up the collectible (3) hanging from
the third monorail piece.

Once you reach the exit you’ll see a collectible (4) on the top of it, the
only way to reach is to swing using the end of the last piece of the monorail.
It’s not possible to grapple onto the wall so you’ll have to time your swing.
Two infantry grunts comes running from the tunnel exit – kill them and
continue to the next level.

BC-05.05		Ascension City Downtown III (Collectibles - 5)

Follow the Polycrafts over the sunken road piece and continue to the left,
you’ll find an enemy relay and four grunts; two on the broken bridge piece
and two down by the relay to the left.  You can’t continue until you have
accessed the relay and listened to the conversation between Joe and Spencer.
Access the relay by hooking to it and press B.

Leap up on the bridge where the grunts where standing and look towards the
building and you’ll find a monorail car. Look to the left of the building and
you’ll find the collectible (1), swing to the last monorail piece to acquire
it. Grab onto it and tap the B-button to pull it free, a grunt will come
dashing so kill him and jump into the building.

Move through the building with gun zoomed to quickly kill grunts waiting in
the rooms. Pick up the Collectible (2) from the small kitchen located close
to the exit of the building. Make your way outside and immediately jump under
the bridge you’re standing on to grab the Collectible (3).

Approach the small outpost on the ground and take out the grunts there. Face
away from the building you exited and look up and you’ll find the
Collectible (4) on top of the monorail beam.

Swing across the monorail over the outpost and onto the bridge to kill the
grunts there. The monorail continues on the other side and at the end of it
you’ll find another monorail car. Pull it down to expose the collectible (5).
Follow the bridge towards the tunnel to exit the level.