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How do i perform an Ex Focus Attack and an Ex Cancel? (or something along those lines)

I'm trying to complete all the combo challenges and some require me to perform an ex focus attack (i know what a regular one is) and whenever i try to combo it in the game does not register it as the correct move. do ex cancels require me to dash forward after a focus attack in order to combo it in?

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jmil0302 answered:

You are on the right track. When it Asks for an Ex focus attack It may actually be expecting you to cancel it. You don't have to land the hit of the Ex focus attack for it to count as part of the combo. Just cancel it and continue. Dashing is the only way to cancel Ex Focus.
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Kithas48 answered:

it explains one of these such combos in the manual involving ken's shoryuken
from what I can tell ( I cant pull it off either) you do the special move, hit the MK and MP buttons at the same time to do the ex focus and then hit forward dash to cancel it
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