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Asked: 5 years ago

Tips for using c.viper?

Im losing horribly with c viper even on easy. I could not beat seth after 20+ tries. Any general tips on what works and what doesnt? Her moves take a lot of charge and dont hit that hard.

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I don't know a lot about C. Viper, but for Seth an easy way to beat him is to jump high kick, crouch high kick and then back off, rinse and repeat. That should yield you a victory even on Hardest.

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The A.I. is bugged for Crimson Viper. Do a Light Thunderknuckle and chain it into another Light Thunderknuckle. Keep doing this until Seth's stun gauge reaches 700+ (dazed) then unleash your best move on him.

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In general, Crimson Viper is a rush down character. You want to use her quick and safe moves and get in the opponent's face. But against Seth, anything goes. Try spamming forward heavy kick. It's a two hit move with good range and pretty safe on block.

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