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Asked: 6 years ago

How do you Download Maps ?

How do you download maps?

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From: godowank 6 years ago

From what I understand you can only download from friends, or purchase a map pack from the market place. There is no free community maps.

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ehh, You can go onto the marketplace and download 2 seperate map packs #1 gives you easy and #2 gives you hard ones. They are both 200 Microsoft points and are good. You can also (after beating it) download a friends map episode after beating it and it shows all the people that were in the party and there time Etc. It says on the bottom "Y to download the episode" press it and you'll be promted and then you have it. "NO" You cannot Edit this... In case that was another question.

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If I recall correctly, Map Packs #1 and #2 cost 200 MSP each. Map Pack #3 is free. To download friends maps, invite them into a private game. Press Y at the end of the game.

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