Question from dantep72

How do yo get toxin immunity and what characters have it ?

I am trying to finish level 1 and can't get the last 5 canasters, how do you get toxin immunity or what character do you use to walk through the green toxin in level 1 i can't figure it out please help


thoul answered:

Some villain characters have this immunity. You'll have to come back to the level in Free Play mode after unlocking one of them. The first immune character you can get is Mr. Freeze, who is unlocked by completing the second villain stage.
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KomiKamikazi answered:

These are the characters i know that come with toxic immunity: Two-face, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Joker. I know more, but I'll have to add them as I find them. I cant remember all of the ones with Toxic Immunity off de top of me head. I will post the rest soon.
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