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What is last two charaters villans be unlock?

I have all heroes characters but i don't have is the last characters who is villains?

subzerodark provided additional details:

these all i have just need 2 characters which are villains
Bruce Wayne's Private Jet
Catwoman (Classic)
Catwoman's Motorcycle
Clown Goon
Freeze Girl
Garbage Truck
Goon Helicopter
Harbor Helicopter
Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck
Joker Goon
Joker Henchman
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter's Glider
Mad Hatter's Steamboat
Military Policeman
Mr. Freeze's Iceberg
Mr. Freeze's Kart
Penguin Goon
Penguin Goon Submarine
Penguin Henchman
Penguin Minion
Poison Ivy Goon
Police Bike
Police Boat
Police Car
Police Helicopter
Police Marksman
Police Officer
Police Watercraft
Riddler Goon
Riddler Henchman
Riddler's Jet
Robin's Submarine
Security Guard
The Joker's Van
Two-Face's Armored Truck
Zoo Sweeper

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Cashew333 answered:

Ra's al Ghul (Collect all mini-kits)

Hush (Rescue all 25 Civilians)
Since he's the least known of the villians, will clarify that Hush in the comics serves as a foil to Bruce Wayne and Batman showing an almost alternate version of what Bruce Wayne could have become. Possessing no super powers, Hush is a criminal mastermind, expert surgeon, and has amazing skill with weaponry especially dual pistols.
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TheGreenNinja answered:

Hush and Rah AlGhul (SP)
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