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(Do shops restock?)

Sold out of useful items i need, please tell me after a while...?

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Ive done that...the gunshop in detroit, the limb clinic dont restock when i leave the area or map, did a mission via copter, returned, they havent restocked...

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Yes, go to a different map (So the game loads) then go back and it should be restocked

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However Praxis Kit's do not restock, There is a set limit you can buy from every limb clinic.

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As far as I am aware, the shops restock at certain points in the game (after certain missions or locations). However, there is a third shop I have found that you missed. Looking at the map, it is the northern Downtown Apartment, the one closest to Chiron. Go up the ladder on the south side, onto the fire escape, open the first window you can (second landing). Go inside and to the far wall (ignoring the stairs) and turn right. Second door (first on the right, near end of the hall) will have a weapon dealer.
Note: If you saved all of the hostages in the first mission (the group and the one Zeke is holding), one of the hostages will want to repay you for saving him and his wife (Zeke's hostage) by telling you about the man and getting you a discount with him.

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Aside from what tuler8254 said, when you return to the LIMB Clinic in China the Second time they restock. That's the only clinic that does, so all in all its possible to buy 8 Praxis Kits throughout the game.

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Comment on forsakensoul422's answer:

Not true. I checked the Detroit LIMB clinic when I got back and it had 2 new praxis kits, so they all restock praxis kits when you return to the area in question.
I haven't gotten to the end yet, but so far I've bought 8, I'm in China for the second time right now, and I've found at least 3 kits, maybe more (I scavenge everything I can and put hours in on fixing my inventory so I can get as much crap as possible with me, something ought to have slipped by my notice).

Bottom line, if there are more available visits to a LIMB clinic than "detroit-china-detroit-china", then there should be at least 10 praxis kits for purchase.

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There is another LIMB clinic when you get into the Panchea project area. Eventually you will find a barricaded door that has a LIMB clinic inside with a an employee inside. You will then be able to buy two more Praxis kits along with the usual Hypostim, Cyberboost Jar, and Typhoon ammo.

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The shops do not restock.

For example, if you buy all of whatever item Grayson has in stock, he will be out of it until the next time you come back to Detroit because the game basically treats him like a new vendor at that point. Same goes for LIMB clinics etc. Be warned though that the stock does change between encounters. Basically, if you're running out of stuff, be more frugal.

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