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Police Station Getting Into RPENN's Computer?

I sneaked into the station and I have to hack captain penn's computer but it's a level 2 hack and I dont have any praxis points to upgrade to level 2 so what do I do does anyone have his password?

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Oh and I entered the room already it's just that I can't hack the computer so I need the password to the computer or another solution

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If you don't know the passcode or your hacking is not high enough, there is an air duct just to the right of his office next.

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You will notice a air duct entrance right next to his office door, so you can sneak in. His computer only lvl 1 so you dont have to worry there.

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It is "apophenion"

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Also fyi you can hack every single computer in the place with only tranq'ing the roaming guards on floor 1 and the camera in the lobby can be blocked by boxes and vending machines...

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Some of the passwords are not obtainable in the game. The
"apophenion" word for Penn's is an example. This was listed in a strat guide and copied all over the internet as a way to bypass the hacking minigame. If you don't have level 2 hacking, you cannot complete the quest, unless you pre-ordered the game from select retailers and have the "Auto Unlocking Devices" in your gameworld.

I think it's pretty lame, myself. Probably a design oversight.

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so the AUDs are just unavailable if you didn't pre-order. That is bs. Cuz there are a few other side missions you're not gonna be able to do without putting some into hacking. Putting into hacking actually sucks. Tbh i wish i could disable the pre-order features.

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And i wish there was a way to find passcodes somewhere in the game world for every hackable node.

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