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Asked: 4 years ago

What's behind that door (Quest)?

I'm on the quest what's behind that door by sparing that one merc's life that the orc wanted you to kill. however, when I go to the quest location I just find a locked door, I have the key the merc gave me also, am I doing something wrong?

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Hmm.. sounds like that might be true but i'll keep this open in case someone knows the way in.

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What quest gives me the key to the dungeon itself?

Accepted Answer

From: Tanglefoot55 4 years ago

A lot of gamers are confused about the Rusty Key problem of not opening doors. You get this key from a Varn inside the Verita Mine. Later on in the game you will be given a quest by the Merchants Guild that is titled "Nutritrious Diet" The rusty key opens a door inside the mine. After you open this door the key stays inside your inventory but does not seem to open any other locked doors.

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The same thing happened to me, luckily I had a save to go back to, to beat him to death. I think, perhaps, it's like some of the other transactions in the game, you've been had! He lied to save his skin!

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if you talk to the orc he gives you a key,,,,,,,,,,,the door is still locked K

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WTF, Im having the same issue. and I saved over it so now I cant go back... So what do I do with this Rusty Key...

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The key is for a door inside the dungeon, not to the dungeon itself. Later in the game you will get a quest to it (as long as your doing sidequests). It's the only way to open that door inside.

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