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No mainland?

How come when you get to the mainland into the swamp there is nothing else except the swamp. There is a road that would lead out there but there is a huge rock just sitting there (mocking me!!). Is there going to be a DLC that adds that or is there nothing there. If you know why they did this also post that as well.


13eoh13 answered:

I HOPE there is DLC which expands on this HUGE mainland. I spent hours sailing to and walking along the edge of the mainland, only to find a couple of small camps with Scapulari. Wandering too far teleported me back to the water's edge saying "you have lost your way, blablabla" To be honest with you, this aspect of the game absolutely angered me. If they don't add DLC which allows you to explore, I don't know what I'll do. :P
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