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How do I activate death cards?

Is it possible to activate death cards for Single player and how? Also how do I do it on Co-Op?

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Dann610 answered:

Death Cards can ONLY be activated for Online Co-Op. From the main menu, go to Cooperative, then Xbox Live, then Find Match (or Private Match), then Settings, then Game Rules, then Enable Death Card cheats, and all the ones that you have unlocked will be available on the right side. You can only activate the Death Cards that you have already found in the Campaign.
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O_Vengeful_O answered:

I don't have my Xbox up right now, but I'm almost positive that you activate them in the lobby before you start the campaign match. In Game Settings I believe.
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shorts21P answered:

yOu go to game rules and pick which death cards you want on.
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shorts21P answered:

and no you Cant activate them on single player only on co-op
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Oblivowind answered:

You go into coop campaign and then you go to game settings and turn them on but you have to unlock them first and you cant use them on singleplayer campaign
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bobbychez answered:

The only location I found them was when starting an XBox Live Co-op match. It gives you the Barracks option and then you can set some of the deathcard cheats up through that.
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garnettwilk answered:

the only way u can use the death card is in split screen, system link, and Xbox Live private match
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T_bone07 answered:

You have to only use death cards on co-op some of the cards are really not fun anyway so just play without them.
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Cplmustang answered:

You have to host a co-op game and its part of the rules.
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worldlygrub2 answered:

I'm pretty sure it has to be a online private co-op
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