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Teleporter locations in Der Riese ?

Where is the other one ?
I have gotten these linked to the mainframe.

1. Mainframe (oubiously)
2. In the room where the type 100 is when you go up the stairs go to your right and there is a door open it and there it is .
3. door behind randow weapon box by power switch near bowie knife.

p.s. - I there only 1 random weapon box if not then where are they ?

Accepted Answer

wongerman answered:

Face the Pack a Punch machine. Open the first door you see on your right. Keep walking straight until you hit the wall. Now there should be a door right next to you. Open that. Walk straight into the hallway until you get a chance to turn left. Now walk to the end of that hallway. It's a short hallway. There is a door at the end. Open that door and the last teleporter is there.

If it was too hard to figure out, there are maps of the entire Der Riese compound in the pause menu and scattered around the map.
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