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Glitches in multiplayer?

Is there any glitches in multiplayer(like the glitches in cod4)?

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Thnx for the answers

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Daedryon answered:

There are no more glitches in multiplayer online.

Treyarch fixed every glitch, including the Bipod-infinite ammo glitch, where you lay down with a weapon that has a Bipod, deploy the bipod and push up on the left stick. They fixed the glitch itself, then a few days later, disabled the option to deploy the Bipod while laying down.
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NiTeEdGe answered:

Yes, there is.
Such as Under Castle and Roundhouse, Elevator glitch on Cliffside and such.
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ratjr15 answered:

There are still a few, but the majority were "hot-fixed" last weekend..
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TG_Chronic answered:

There is a alot of gliches.You can get on top of castle.But stuff like bipod glich was "hot-fixed" and NOW you cant even use the bipod.
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Spotter4 answered:

Daedryon,they didn't fix ALL of them.There's plenty in the new zombies map Verruckt.
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Osrawo answered:

there will always be a glitch, patching old glitches will create more in the level, Just earlier I found out there is a glitch in station where you can get into a piller, but treyarch is doing a great job fixing them as they come.
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madmanmoore answered:

all the glitches hav been patched up apart from 2 on castle, where u can get on biggest building roof. there is 2 on knee deep, 1 on outskirts, 2 on zombies Verruckt, 1 on Shi no numa zombies, 1 on corrosion and the rest r all patched, but there will be more.
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blackhawklb answered:

there are a lot of glitches on shi no numa. The ones I know how to do is the barrier glitch at where you spawn. The other one is the multiple weapons glitch. You buy a weapon out of the random weapon box, then you buy a perk, and as you are drinking that perk, get the weapon that you just bought out of the random weapon box. There are also glitches where you can get outside of the map (multiple ways) and on top of the main building roof. You can also get on top of the flogger (very hard) and create a barrier glitch.
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