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How many levels/chapters are in the campaign?

Just wondering how many levels there are in the campaign/single player section of the game?

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V_Vega answered:

seems to be confusion there are 15 levels in single player.

They are as follows:
Semper Fi
Little Resistance
Hard Landing
Their Land, Their Blood
Burn 'em Out
Blood & Iron
Ring of Steel
Black Cats
Blowtorch & Corkscrew
Breaking Point
Heart of the Reich

Then the zombie level/mode is unlocked
I believe the two missions not in co op are Blood & Iron and Black Cats
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WarpedGamer answered:

I think 13.
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TheGuni answered:

13 And then zombie mode.
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Playswitself answered:

Zombie mode is not trully a level, It is merely showing you that mode, as a taste to what you can have. It says right after you beat the campaign that the game is played via Live.
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sabastianwinter answered:

There are 15 levels in single player, there is only 13 in co-op.
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