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Answered Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
What gig do i get misery business in vox career??? Answered 2
Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
can you get gold stars on GH:WT? Answered 2
Satch Boogie? Answered 1
Vocal Career? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
Anyone know how to fix the drums from being recognized as a mic? Answered 3
Anyone know the criteria for "Strong Finish" bonus? Answered 4
Backwards compatibility with the guitar controller? Answered 3
Band Unity bonus? Answered 1
Blue bar in drums? Answered 3
Can I buy a copy of GH: WT wothout the instruments? Answered 2
Can I buy just the drum kit? Answered 4
Can i rip a cd to my xbox then play the songs in guitar hero world tour? Answered 1
Can i use GH3 DLC with world tour? Answered 2
Can someone answer 2 questions? Answered 1
Can you help with my Acheivement problems? Answered 2
can you play rock band 2 with the GHWT instruments? Answered 3
Can you play this game without a Guitar controller? Answered 5
Compatibility issues? Answered 3
Costum song help? Answered 1
Death Magnetic Album Pack? Answered 1
Do I have to keep track of my progress in various difficulty levels on my own? Answered 3
Do you have to be on XBL for Band vs band? Answered 2
Do you need every instrument to completely beat the game? Answered 3
Does anybody know about another one coming out? Answered 1
Does anyone know how to create Tom Araya? Answered 1
Does the achievement on metallica...? Answered 1
Guitar hero battles? Answered 1
How do i add my created characters to one band? Answered 2
How do I change my band image? Answered 1
How do I change the name of the custom song I made? Answered 2
How do I unlock Hot for Teacher? Answered 6
How do I Unlock Jimi Hendrix? Answered 5
How do I unlock the characters? Answered 1
How do you buy the rock band 1 songs? Answered 1
How do you change the color? Answered 1
How do you delete downloaded GHTunes tracks? Answered 1
How do you do a sustained note on the drums? Answered 1
How do you fix the strum bar on the GH:WT guitar? Answered 4
How do you get the sting, billy corgan and rokubot achievements? Answered 2
How do you hammer on an open note on Bass? Answered 2
How does starpower work when using the Rock Band drums? Answered 3
How exactly do the freeform vocal sections work? Answered 1
How Far Into Career Is Pull Me Under by Dream Theater? Answered 1
How to unlock Band Finale Video? Answered 1
If you unlock characters(rockubot,Sting,etc.)can you play as them in quickplay? Answered 1
Is it possible to make a song over 3 minutes long? Answered 1
Is the GH microphone can be used for another game? Answered 1
Is there a hyper speed code? Answered 1
Is there an unlimited money cheat? Answered 1
Is this a most-buy game? Answered 2
Keyboard notes? Answered 3
Left handed guitar? Answered 1
Metallica or World Tour? Answered 1
New Slider? Answered 1
Performance mode? Answered 3
Question about the guitar controller? Answered 8
Songs? Answered 1
The Experience? Answered 3
Top 5 Most difficult drum songs on expert? Answered 2
What are the facilities of GHMix? Answered 2
What are the red notes in vocals? Answered 3
What is Auto Kick? Answered 2
What is the 20 digit code on the back of my instruction manual for? Answered 1
What is the midi input on GH: WT for? Answered 2
What sound does each pad on the dum set put out? Answered 1
What The F*** happaned to my drums? Answered 1
What's up with the words in the freeform sections? Answered 1
When do you use the lower keys? Answered 1
Which game is better? Answered 1
Why cant i get the achivment warrior of rock? Answered 1
Will World Tour's mic work with the first Rock Band? Answered 1
Zack Wylde? Answered 2

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