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Can Bardock go Super Saiyan? 3
How to Use Goku's Instant Transmission Kamehameha? 2
Is there any way to get goku's ss2 ability?? 3
How do i unlock the drama pieces in dbz burstlimit? 2
Are there Dragonballs in this game? 1
Is this game in Japanese or English? 2
  • Total Answered Questions: 6
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Unlocks? 0
I didn't get the achievements? 0
Burst limit 2? 3
Is there a majin buu saga? 1
How do I unlock what if saga? 4
I needed to ask if there really is goin 2 be a BL2?? 3
How do I solve (survival mode)? 1
Should I get this game? 8
How do i get stars? 2
Can U Play in goku and gohan's other outfits? 1

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