Question from Steven2405

Asked: 6 years ago

What's up with the camo suit?

I just bought the camo suit for 45 diamonds but i don't know how I can get it. It just seems that i'm not wearing it:S. What do I have to do to get the camo suit?

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From: Padre302 6 years ago

The Camo suit works extremely well in the grass or jungle with silenced weapons(I.E. Silenced Makarov, Airgun, and Silenced MP5 setup.) However, you need to move very slow. Also, once you reach the Southern Province, the A.I. is amped up and they seem to see you quicker. I had an outpost looking for me, even though they were clear across a valley. The suit just doesn't work well if you aren't actively trying to be stealthy.

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The suit is meant to automatically apply itself and make you more sneaky when in grass/bush.

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Once you buy it, you're automatically wearing it. Never goes away. You won't notice any visual change like on your arms or anything. Make sure you stay crouched while sneaking and use silenced weapons. Move slowly. If you didn't do much sneakin before you had it, then there's no basis for comparison for you, but trust me it works well. I always take the stealth approach in shooters (when possible) and I noticed the difference right away. It's well worth the 45 diamonds.

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