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Extra Missions??

I bought the gamestop pre-order edition and recieived the code for the 6 bonus missions. I know that these involve grabbing the letter and finding the predessor tapes. I recently found some other codes on GameFaqs that state that if you enter them you get bonus and extra missions. I have entered these codes and a prompt told me that I have unlocked the missions. How do I perform these other bonus missions.

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Black_Exodia answered:

All the codes unlock the same 6 missions, so you only need to type in one code
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Azanode answered:

I believe they all unlock the same missions. I inputted all the codes as well, but you'll notice that if you use the same code twice it will still tell you that you've unlocked more missions.
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ibot_bob answered:

All the codes unlokc the same missons so just use the one you got and other ppl use 1 of the unlock 6 codes
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