Question from ditharia

Asked: 5 years ago

Is there co-op?

That's all. yay or nay.

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From: tropicanana 5 years ago

There is no co-op. The best possible alternative is the multiplayer modes, which are deathmatch, team deathmatch, and two objective-based team games.

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I'm 99% sure that there is no co-op. Sorry Speed Racer

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No co-op

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I say nay

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I've followed this game pretty closely so the only Co-Op I've heard about is online in multiplayer team based games. And if you want the answer to this there is no Split Screen.

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No story mode co-op but there is multiplayer modes you can play like deathmatch teamdeath match and many others.

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I know it sucks... Co-op would have been awesome.

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I can say with 100% certainity that there is no co-op.

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There is no co-op, and the reason that ubisoft stated was that the very large playable area in the game made it too difficult to add a co-op mode where both players can move around freely.

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yes there is............ NOT

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Nope unfortanately there is no co-op

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