Question from enamorato

Asked: 5 years ago

How do i use the stun,gas,and explosive traps?

I've made them all and i have them with me but i rented the game so i dont have a manual and i cant figure out how to use them.please respond quickly i would love to see them in can also send me a direct message on my xbox...j doomizzle.

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From: M0NSTER_ 5 years ago

first you have to make them,

1. Create the mine using Jigsaw Workshops/tables
2. Hit RB to select which mine you would like to use.
3. Hold the Left Trigger
4. Hold the Right Trigger
5. Lure the enemy unit over the mine and they will go off.

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What level would be best

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Well the later levels are the ones where you can start making traps, so basically anywhere after the first half of the game. If you play the game and build the traps when you find the benches then you should have no problem getting the achievements.

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If your just looking to get the acheivments and you have all three explosive devices just set one,get the acheivment then restart from last level and set another one then repeat.when you restart the level you will have all of your bombs again and the acheivments and move on with the story.same deal with the weapons.I love this game,so cleaver at times.

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Do i have to kill them with the bombs to get the achievement? because if used all three and still havent gotten the achievement

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