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Most Popular Answered Questions Answers
Are there any flyable vehicles? 5
Tanks and walkers? 12
Is the Reconstructor in Single Player? 1
Where's the Singularity Bombs? 4
Cheat? 4
How do you blow up the harrington memorial bridge? 12
Backpacks? 5
Cheat Codes? 1
Does anybody know what the nano forge does? 6
Golden Sledgehammer or Heavy Sledgehammer? 4
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Golden hammer disable? 4
Super jetpack/ super toughness? 8
Building Respawn? 10
Where can I find the sniper rifle ? 5
How to put in Cheat Codes? 2
What is the moab? 2
Hijack an EDF Convoy? 6
What is the point of using cheats if you can save the game? 1
EDF armor? 1
I think the old one had an auto aim feature does it still have? 1

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