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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Eos liberation mission? Answered 4
Under Attack for No Reason? Answered 1
Item Help status answers
Any way to get rid of the Golden Hammer? Answered 5
Are there any flyable vehicles? Answered 5
Backpacks ? Answered 1
Best Salvage Spot? Answered 8
Difference between hammers? Answered 4
Do the walkers get fixed at the safehouses? Answered 4
Do you get Unlockable costumes? Answered 1
Does Alec Mason have any other skins or costumes? Answered 3
Does anybody know what the nano forge does? Answered 6
Does the personnel detector take up an inventory space? Answered 3
EDF armor? Open 1
Golden hammer disable? Open 4
Golden Hammer use in SP? Answered 2
Golden Sledge and Bonus Maps? Open 1
Golden Sledgehammer or Heavy Sledgehammer? Answered 4
Hammers? Answered 10
How can I get the snipers? Answered 4
How do i use gold hammer? Answered 1
How do you kill someone with a reconstructor? Answered 1
How do you thrust downwards with the thrust pack? Answered 6
How do you use the Guerrilla Express? (Safe house warp) Answered 2
How many M.O.A.B's? Answered 1
Is the Reconstructor in Single Player? Answered 1
Is the thermobaric rocket really that good? Answered 3
Is there a way to pick-up Charges that I've thrown? Open 5
More then 1 armor upgrade? Answered 8
Quantum Multiplier? Answered 5
Tanks and walkers? Answered 12
What is the moab? Open 2
Where are heavy walkers located at? Open 1
Where can I be guaranteed to find a heavy walker? Answered 1
Where can i find a few radio tags? Open 1
Where can I find Gauss & Sniper Rifles? Answered 1
Where can I find Singularity Bombs? Open 1
Where can I find the "radio orbs?" Answered 4
Where can I find the Mechs? Answered 6
Where can I find the north radio tag in Dust? Answered 1
Where can I find the rail driver? Answered 3
Where can I find the sniper rifle ? Open 5
Where can I find Thermobaric Rockets in multiplayer? Answered 2
Where do I find the M.O.A.B respawns? Answered 9
Where's the Singularity Bombs? Answered 4
Other Help status answers
(Bag Man) the second expansion for Red Faction Guerilla? Open 1
(Bag Man) The second expansion for Red Faction Guerrilla? Open 1
A few questions about the two cheats. (?) Answered 3
After I complete the campaign, can I redo the guerilla actions I missed? Answered 1
After liberating all the sections are there still EDF to kill? Answered 1
After you liberate a section of mars, is it still possible to go back to that sector and do the random guerilla actions? Open 5
Allies into vehicles with you? Open 2
Any way to get cars MUCH stronger? Open 4
Backpacks? Answered 5
Black Hole? Answered 1
Bug with weapon ammo crates? Answered 2
Buidling Respawns? Open 1
Can anyone supply me with a list of all weapons (usable in SP) and how to unlock them? Answered 5
Can you COOP in this game? Answered 3
Can you drive flyers? Answered 1
Cheat Codes? Answered 1
Cheat? Answered 4
Cheats and achievements? Answered 2
Destory Safehouse? Answered 1
Do all the missions have timing? Open 3
Do buildings in SP get rebuilt after a while? Answered 11
Do you think there should be a better ranking system? Open 1
Exp. needed to unlock Heavy EDF in multiplayer? Answered 1
Flaws in the game? Open 2
Flyers? Answered 5
Golden hammer cheat? Answered 2
Golden hammer? Answered 6
Guerrilla Mission/New Items? Answered 4
Help with my weapons? Open 2
How do i use upgrade weapons which i have bought with salvage? Open 1
How do you blow up the harrington memorial bridge? Answered 12
How do you unlock the singularity bomb? Answered 2
How many ore mining locations are there in each sector in red faction guerrilla? Answered 1
How to put in Cheat Codes? Open 2
I bought the Rocket Launcher & I dont know how to equip it? Open 1
Is there an option to turn off the strong language in Red Faction Guerrilla? Answered 4
Is this a "bad" game? Answered 2
Lost Memories achievement..glitch? Answered 3
Missing Guerilla objectives?! Open 3
Morale Multiplier? Answered 3
Parker (the person). Does he exist? Answered 1
Parker-Ultor? Open 4
Parkers house? Open 1
Price in Australia? Open 1
Radio Missions? Answered 5
Red faction member achievement? Answered 3
Relation?? Answered 1
Repairing and Saving Vehicles? Answered 2
Should I get this game? Answered 2
Siege target? Open 1
sledgehammer in SP? Answered 8
Small three wheeled weaponless marauder vehicle? Open 2
Spectator mode? Answered 1
Super jetpack/ super toughness? Open 8
Unlockables via codes + achievements? Open 1
What Happened to split screening? Answered 3
What if i liberated a sector using a cheat? Open 3
Whats there to do after? Answered 1
Who created the name and sign Ultor??? Answered 1
Will inputting the Map Pack password disable Achievements? Open 1

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