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What characters will replace Williams/Alenko?And Wrex if you kill him.

On Vermire when you set off the nuke who or what replaces them


Skiro13 answered:

It seems like most of the old characters won't even be in your party, they might just make cameos. But lets say you killed Ashley, then Alenko would make an appearence somewhere in the game, but might not join your group as i've pointed out.
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JACOBDRAGON666 answered:

As iv seen you only get tali from your old squad i guess normandy gets blown up and you get new guys i dont know there names yet sorry
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RedMageNeko answered:

Characters that died in they original Mass Effect will not be returning. So if you chose to save Ashley and left Alenko behind, Ashley will make a cameo in some form or another while Alenko will be absent. And if Wrex is dead on Vermire, then you will experience a vastly different experience when you visit the Krogan homeworld. As for returning characters, the only confirmed party members returning are Tali and Garrus.
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totalymessed answered:

Tali and Garrus rejoin your team and if you keep Wrex alive he is on a planet i believe to be called Tuchanka after uniting the Krogan under his clan to combat the genophage
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whitetiger318 answered:

If you dont import then it depends on if you chose female or male. If male the williams is alive if female im assuming alenko will be alive.
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SuperVegito2487 answered:

I have seen the char. list, and yes tali, and garrus are the only one so far, but hey there are 12 in all.
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SpaceMonkeyz666 answered:

Ashley/Alenko - will make an appearance, several times depending on who gets saved in ME1, but are not active team members in ME2
Wrex - makes an appearance on a planet if you saved his life in ME1, but is not an active team member in ME2
Liarra - makes an appearance regardless of your decisions in ME1, but is not an active team member in ME2
Garrus & Tali are both active team members in ME2
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gOwCoD4 answered:


Wrex- If you chose to spare him in ME1, He serves as the Urdnot clan leader on the Krogan Homeworld, but he does NOT become an active team member

Ashley Williams/Kaiden Alenko- Whichever one you save (I saved ashley) Comes back at a certain point, But only makes a small appearence. Ashley only appears once, And after you complete the mission where you see her, She sends you a message to the Private Terminal.

The only real teammates you get are Garrus and Tali, Who are both AWESOME in this game...

Though, I had the relationship option with Tali, and she takes off her mask, Only for Bioware to rudely shift the view, And for Tali to pounce on top of Shepard, Kissing him. Stupid bioware, Too lazy to make Tali's face...
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ChaosSpore answered:

If Kaiden dies the Ashley shows up. If Ashley dies then Kaiden shows up. If Wrex dies then Urdnot Wreav will be there.
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KolyatKrios answered:

If you didn't kill Wrex, he will be on Tuchanka..
If you kill him, his brother Wreav, will be there instead
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hawke12345 answered:

Nobody replaces them in me2 you will just have a couple empty spots in me2 you get a whole new squad
with tali and garrus from me1
and bunch of new people miranda.jacob.mordin.kasumi and zhaeed(if u have dlc).samara/morinth. legion. thane.jack.grunt
also read online that in me3 you are supposedly able to get kaidan/ashley as a squad member (yays!)
though not sure if this is true cuase just online stuff ^
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