Question from NukaColaDragga

Asked: 5 years ago

Different shepard armors in mass effect 2??

Will mass effect 2 have different armors other than shepards n7 armor and pre order armors?????!!!!!

Accepted Answer

From: RedMageNeko 5 years ago

I did some research on this for an answer. As of now, the only armor's confirmed are the N7 armor, Blood Dragon Armor (From buying a copy of Dragon Age: Origins), Collectors Armor (From the Collectors or Digital Deluxe editions of Mass Effect 2), Inferno Armor (from pre-ordering at any store OTHER then Gamestop), and Terminus Assault Armor (from pre-ordering with Gamestop). There are more armor's planned after release as DLC as well.

In game I don't know if there is more armor, but you will be able to customizing existing armor and the changes you make will affect your stats.

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