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Where's my scar selection? I get that they remade my face, but come on, I don;t care. I want scars. And the scars you automatically get from the Lazarus project don't count. Please someone tell me I simply missed it.

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Okay, I get that, but I mean the scars from the first game. The male has a GREAT looking scar, the one acro the left cheek and lip? THAT kind of scaring.

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Oh no, not a game breaker, and yes, I understand that lore wise it makes sence. Well, hopefully in the third, if I bring over my old Shepard I can, in between this game and that one, have an "accident". In other word, give myself a new scar. And hopefully better choices for the woman.

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Saishi answered:

Fox is correct. You don't have scars because they were healed when you were revived during the Lazarus Project. It doesn't make much sense for you to have your prior scars. The ones you have from Project Lazarus are relatively fresh, which is why they aren't healed at the beginning of the game.
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wyndestalker999 answered:

The reason for no scare selection in ME2 is because your choices throughout the game will determine how and if the scarring will form. In other words you do good and you will look do bad and you will look bad. Same thing that happened in the games of Fable and Fable 2 your scaring all depended on your actions through out the game.
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CliffJumper501 answered:

Aside from the Kazarus scars... you don't get to have any other scars like in the first game.
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tp_RavenX answered:

Get absolute renegade, the scars are deeper and brighter (for some reason) and your eyes go red. Whee...
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fox_demon2k3 answered:

Considering you were completely remade in the Lazarus Project, you skin is now smooth because technically they gave you new skin. In ME2 they want the scarring that did not have time to heal from the project to determine how you look. I personally don't mind it, as the Fem Sheps didn't get any good scars anyway. Also, the scar you mention is my favorite scare for the Male Sheps so I'll be disapointed when I play it with my guy, sure, but I don't think its a game breaker.
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