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How much time do I have after I get Legion before the IFF is installed?

Does it happen right after I do his loyalty mission or is it a set amount of time?

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EDI will say "It's almost done" but you have to set the course yourself through the Omega 4 Relay. So the answer is - there is no time limit, you can do whatever you want before going into the relay.

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I believe you have a chance to do his loyalty mission just before the IFF is installed. After I returned from his mission, I went to the galaxy map and EDI informed me that we needed to use the shuttle for the next mission... then I got a cutscene of Joker testing it out.

I've heard, however, that some people didn't get the opportunity to do his mission before the IFF was ready, and that if they did it after Shepard returned (or any missions, for that matter), that something happened to the rest of the crew.

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You have time to do one mission between the time you recruit legion on the Reaper Ship and EDI finishes installing the IFF. After you do your one mission you simply go to the Galaxy map to be prompted that the the IFF is ready. So you also have time to talk to people and finish any upgrades you need to do.

Hope that helped.

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After the IFF mission, you MUST activate Legion before accessing the galaxy map. If you do so, you get the chance to do at least one mission (Legion's loyalty mission) before the IFF is installed. If you access the galaxy map before speaking to Legion, you'll go right into the IFF installation (and aftermath). Note that you can still do missions after the IFF is installed; however, you need to go through the Omega 4 Relay immediately if you want to save the Normandy crew.

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After activating legion IMEADIATELY when you get him, you only got one mission. Which is is doesnt matter but legions loyalty mission sound as the best choice

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When i got Legion, i still had Tali's loyalty quest, upon completing it and activating Legion's loyalty quest i was able to complete 4-5 side missions (that is all i had left, mission wise) and his loyalty quest.

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I have tested the timeframe after seeing Legion on Haestrom with Tali. I wanted to see how long you actually had, and it turns out you have three missions you can undertake before the IFF is installed and you have to enter the Omega-4 relay to save the crew. I got Tali, Garrus's loyalty, and the thank-you gift from Aria for saving Patriarch, but I still had yet to recruit half the people I needed in that part of the game, so I would say save Legion for the last little bit of game.

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Well, you should have done all loyalty missions (except legions of course) before the IFF mission and only do the legion loyalty mission or the more missions you do afterwards, more your kidnapped crew die.

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The time limit is 4 loyal characters.

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It all depends if you have everything you want done BEFORE you get the IFF and Legion. Otherwise you will lose people from the Normandy. Even the strategy guide states that. After you get Legion and the IFF, you only have enough time to do Legion's Loyalty mission before the suicide mission. But the choice is all up to you and you alone.

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You can take as much time as you want but if you want everyone to survive then you must only do one mission if you do 2-4 then i thins half your crew die, 5+ and all of your crew die

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You have one mission after the iff usually legions loyalty then you can go t the omega 4 relay i recommend going right away otherwise you will lose half your crew

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It depends on how many loyalty missions you have left to do

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