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.How do you put the Dlc?

I downloaded dlc for xbox360 on my computer.How do i put it on my xbox360?should i burn it in a cd?

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Without connected to xbox live

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Malhidael answered:

If you're talking about the exclusive content for having the game preordered at gamestop or amazon, or the collector's edition dlc. You do it through the Mass Effect 2 website that bioware set up, and then with your xbox being connected to the internet, you log in, use the cerberus code if you have a collectors edition, and then in the main menu you select "new content available" then it will give you the option of downloading all your dlc that you should have gotten.
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DocTabasco answered:

There is no authorized way to get DLC on to the Xbox 360 without using the Marketplace. If you need to borrow someone's Internet connection, bring your entire console and download it from there.
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SuperVegito2487 answered:

I think you just have enabled your xbox to the internet. With cerberus, its actually free. Xbox live is free, its only with price if you want the speciel pack, but you donly need silver (free) to get dlc, demos etc. Maybe if you connect pc, to xbox, you can do it that way. I dunno but try it, nothing should happen
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FiReHAmpStEr896 answered:

No I think he means he has downloaded it from
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SuperVegito2487 answered:

Ok well dont do it via pc. Do it like i did. You have to start the game up, then pick extras, then login/create with ea account. Then you can pick them, and then go to your dashboard, and let it dl.

Note: It wont dl while in game
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Alpha832 answered:

The 360 has to be connected to the internet and choose a DLC and download it, it worked that way on mine you just have to keep it on, if it is the pre-order items you have to go to the mass effect website to do it or if it is the Cerberus thing you have to either do it on the 360 or the computer, just follow the instructions.
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Mr_Teeeeebag answered:

You cant really put it onto your xbox from your PC unless its DLC linked through an EA account most of the DLC you can download onto your computer is used for the PC version of the game. Ignoring that fact if you go to the extras menu and go to the DLC menu any DLC that you can download will be there and no you don't need cerberus to access any DLC other than the Cerberus armour, you may need to restart the game from the dashboard for some DLC to take effect.
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drago9876 answered:

All you need is the Cerberus Network and Connection to Internet. Use the code given to you with your copy of Mass Effect 2, or if you do not have one, you will have to buy one. After that, the DLCs should be available for you to download for free
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crakkranjah answered:

You can only download to the pc dlc for the pc version of the game so any dlc on your pc is useless for the xbox.If the ea/bioware account you used to redeem the codes is linked to your xbox live account,then all you have to do is sign in to xbox live then put in mass effect 2 (either disc) you should see the options "resume,load,new game,options, new content." Go to new content and you should see any cerberus network downloads you haven,t done yet and whatever other armors you have redeemed codes for.
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