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Can I still complete side quests after getting the IFF?

Can I still complete sidequests after getting the IFF or have I passed the point of no return?

I did it once but then I had to leave the Normandy and things got all serious so I didn't save it. I just want to use the money I got from the derelect reaper to buy some more upgrades and max out before the final mission.

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RageBattle answered:

After the IFF, you have a limited amount of time before the story mission of the crew getting abducted kicks in. I believe it's 1 recruit/loyalty mission (good time for Legion's) or two N7 missions (I was able to do two myself).
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FlameSplitter answered:

In one playthrough, I was able to complete two loyalty missions before the abduction is triggered, in another the event was triggered immediately (I sold Legion on that one so that may be why).
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Alpha832 answered:

(spoilers)I have the guide and it says you could choose to turn it on or leave it off, if you leave it off I would say yes you would have enough time to do what you want after you turn it on you found out it was a trap and that is when your crew, not your squad mates at all, get abducted.
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_Emanresu_ answered:

After the IFF you can still do as many sidequests as you want. However, some people (non-squadmates) will die if you do more than mission following the IFF.
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MisguidedTerran answered:

You have roughly the amount of time for TWO loyalty missions. Why? Because you need that first mission as a time buffer so that Legion can ask you for help... if you didn't sell him.

After that, try travelling to another mission, eventually EDI will mention that the ship isnt working properly, and all hell breaks loose.

You CAN do more missions right after the crew gets taken, but if you want to save everyone, go straight to the Omega 4 Relay. One mission halves your crew, two or more leaves only Chakwas.
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dest1172 answered:

In all my playthroughs, after acquiring the IFF, I've only had time for Legion's loyalty mission before the Collector abduction takes place and am forced into going through the Omega 4 relay. If you do not to go through the relay right away and proceed to do other missions when you reach the Collector base half your crew (including Kelly) will have been killled by the time you get to them. However I can't recall if you're prompted to install the IFF right away or at a later time. If you can delay that install, then I suppose you could do as many missions as you like, but I honestly don't think you're truly given that option.
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mmathersdah answered:

No to save all your crew you have to go right away. You cant do sidemissions if you want to save kelly and the rest
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adam2play360 answered:

Well, what happens is that once you have the IFF, you can deside to activate it right away, or wait for a while. But, once you had gone through the only section where you play as Joker, it's preaty much the point of no return, especally if you are after the achievment "No One Left Behind". But, after the suside mission (if you survive it) you can go back and do side-missions. But, it's best to do the loyality missions BEFORE you get the IFF, except for Legion's. What I do is I get everyone as loyal as they can be, then I go and get the IFF.
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lynchmobjr answered:

There is no "no point of return" for Mass Effect 2 this time around, even after the Suiside Mission you can keep playing the current game to finish missions, aquire upgrades or whatever, or start a new one with the same Shepherd. As for loyality missions after Suiside Mission, I'm not sure...
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Dahaka42 answered:

As everyone keeps repeating, you pretty much can only do Legion's loyalty mission, i did a second mission then went to the collector base... and proceeded to accidently get my whole crew killed (discluding the squadron teammates and Joker).
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youtubey answered:

Yes. Just like adam2play360 said.
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