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When is a good time to stop and do side missions and loyalty missions?

My current story related quests are Samara's loyalty quest, dossier Tali, and IFF transponder, will I have time later to do more sidequests, or should I do all of em now?

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Solid_snake137 answered:

I would suggest u to do the loyalty and side missions as soon as u get the option to do them.
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commandertater answered:

actually you can do anytime you want but do all loyalty missions and or side quests you can or want to before the IFF transponder. i wont spoil it for you bu its HIGHLY reccomended.

hope this helps
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

I don't mind spoiling it for you a bit. However I'll give you your options and then the results afterwards. You have four options: A) you do all of your side quests and stuff before you get the reaper IFF; B) you get the reaper IFF and then complete your sidequests; C) you get the IFF then complete the final mission and choose to continue to complete sidequests afterward; D) you just get the IFF and beat the final mission. Now there are your options, if you don't want to know what they'll get you stop here......Now, you need to know that after you get the IFF one way or another your crew is going to be abducted by the Collectors. If you go with choice A you'll arrive at the Collector base and after a while you'll rescue your crew (Kelly, the doctor, the chef, everyone). With choice B you'll arrive a while later and everyone will be dead except the doctor and a few colonists. Choices C and D are basically the same except with C there may be some achievements you can still get and a few pickups that can affect you if you do a new game+ (armor and weapon pickups mostly as well as you start at your current rank). Obviously with C and D you also don't have all your upgrades and as such may have a more difficult time.
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KolyatKrios answered:

The perfect time is before you get the IFF and after the Collector Vessel.
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