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Asked: 4 years ago

overlord DLC where are the data packets?

Im trying to do the achievement to find all 6 Cerberus data packets but i cant find the last one. anyone know where they all are?

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From: ichi_vizard 4 years ago

there is one at the bottom of the waterfall near the stone bridge protected by 2 YMIR mechs.

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Check the FAQs for this game - Some contain a walkthrough for that particular piece of DLC.

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This is one of many videos on YouTube that show you the location of each data packet for the 'Data Hound' achievement.

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(Sorry. Forgot the link) :P

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5 of the six are in the main area the last one is in front of the 3rd area with the VI in it ...hope that sheds some light on it ...happy hunting space cowboy

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