Question from JohhnyE

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find element zero?

I can't seem to find Element Zero, when scanning planets, just about anywhere.. I found a little right off the bat, but nothing at all since.... does anyone know a planet that has a bunch of it?

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From: bchasko 4 years ago

Check out the Hades Nexus for Element Zero, Gei Hinnom has TONS of it and Dobrovolski in the Pamyat system has plenty. There's a planet in nearby hekate that is abundant in element zero also, though I didn't write down the name.

Also, be careful not to perform "Advanced Training" twice, or early in the game. Wait until you have loyal party members, as you can only choose one additional skill and having a large pool of loyal party members will give you plenty to choose from. I misunderstood and thought each time you perform advanced training you get a new skill . . . and wasted a lot of element zero.

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Look for Garden type planets, I have the most luck there, but you don't find much because it is the rarest element.

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Look around on planets, Look around in areas, Scan everything. It's really hard to find, I got most of mine out of pure luck and a bunch of refined element zero crates

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The codex entry for Element Zero mentions that it is most abundant in asteroid fields. So look for planets that are near or within asteroid fields. Using that strategy I found a good deal of Element Zero in the Micah System of the Vallhallan Threshold Cluster. The Micah system has three planets within it's asteroid belt.

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(Gei Hinnom is in the Sheol system)

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