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Asked: 4 years ago

How can I get everyone to survive?

I played the final level, first using Tali as my tech (in the tube), and she ended up getting killed. Then, I re-loaded and used Legion, and HE/IT ended up getting killed as well (both shot in the head while attempting to close the blast doors). After that, Zaeed got shot during the second set of doors. I've read that Tali is the best option, does the game pick for you? Who would I be better off choosing?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Yes, I did have everyone loyal. I was even lucky enough to be able to do Legion's loyalty mission before the collector attack. It seems I figured it out. Looks like there's a specific combo of characters that are needed:

Legion for the pipe (I can't confirm Tali yet)
Garrus for the diversion squad (can't confirm Miranda yet)
Jack for the biotic (when I used Miranda, Jack, who was in my squad, got killed. Can't confirm Samara yet)
Miranda for the second diversion squad (can't confirm Garrus yet)
Mordin to escort crew back to Normandy (also, Thane and Garrus)

Thanks for the help!

Accepted Answer

From: weirdboy_1 4 years ago

Tali & Legion are the 2 best for the hacking portion of the game.
Miranda & Garrus are the 2 best for the Leadership portion.
Jack & Samara are the 2 best for the Shield portion.

Apparently loyalty does not impact survival at the end.

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Legion worked for me.
did you complete the loyalty missions for your party?
everybody survived for me and i had them all loyal.

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This is just a guess but i think it has to do with character choice and upgrades. my first play through i was a soldier and thus did not worry about getting the tech / biotic upgrades. i had 3 people die all of which were tech / biotic users. this time through im getting all the upgrades just to see if it helps. if it does then ill post again

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I think it has to do with loyalty. My brother beat the game and he lost 3 members, all of who weren't loyal. I beat it, and only lost one. It was Mordin, and he was the one I put in the ventilation pipe. He is also the only member of the crew I didn't speak to aboard the Normandy at all. I did his loyaty mission, but that was it. So, not only is it loyalty, but how far you take a realtionship with the charecter. I think any way.

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