Question from platinumfulgore

Asked: 4 years ago

Can you have a romantic relationship with Samara/Morinth?

I know that if you finish Samara's Loyalty mission with full Renegade or Paragon you will have the option to replace Samara with Morinth. The thing is that neither of one of them triggers a romantic relationship. Can you have a romantic relationship with either of them?

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From: fox_demon2k3 4 years ago

You cannot have a romantic relationship with Samara. However, for Morinth you can 'technically' have a 'romantic' relationship with her, but, because she is an Ardat-Yakshi she is only doing it to kill you for her pleasure. If you actually accept the three times you have to confirm having 'alone time' with her you'll actually die and have to reload.

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No you cannot.

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