Question from RooCH_ToTB

Asked: 4 years ago

Is there any benefit to scar healing beyond cosmetic?

I was just wondering if there are any actual benefits to getting your scars removed in the medbay? I was assuming it helps with the Paramour achievement, where they won't touch you whilst you're all scarred up? Is it just cosmetic? Because if so it's pretty damn expensive just for that!

Accepted Answer

From: MisguidedTerran 4 years ago

Nnnnnnnnnnnnope, no benefit other than no scars... I kept mine since they came with awesome red glowing eyes. Hell, I liked the scars too.

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No not really your scars heal if you have a high paragon and you gain more scars if you have a high renegade and all your romance options dont care about the scars and it does not effect your Paramour achievement so you dont really need it.

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