Question from VeedChris

Asked: 4 years ago

Is Blood Dragon Armor still obtainable?

I noticed on my friend's copy of redemption code for the armor has past the expiration date (either start or end of April, I forget). Has anybody had experience trying to redeem this code after that date?

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From: VeedChris 2 years ago

Grab the Ultimate Edition of Dragon Age: Origins.

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The expiration date is just that - A date at which a product expires. It can not be used after the specified date.

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yes you can still get the blood dragon armor
what you have to do is go to the playstaion/xbox live store (idk what the xbox one is called cause i have only done it on ps3)
and BUY the blood dragon armor then you have to play and BEAT dragon age origins with the armor i dont know if you have to wearing it at the end of DA but you have to have it when you beat it and it has to be on the same acount that you use for mass effect

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