Question from 2pado

Asked: 4 years ago

Is the Pull skill any good?

Well i just started playing ME 2 as a Vanguard, and unlocked the pull skill.

For now it's basically useless, it just doesn't work on enemies with shields, barriers and stuff, which is basically what i wanted it for.

In ME1 lift was a great skill, it could left defenseless the most dangerous enemies, with shields with tons of health, with pull first i need to damage the enemy and then use it, which is stupid seeing how shieldess enemies can go down with a few shots.

So does this skill gets better if i upgrade it? does it has another uses?

Accepted Answer

From: grand_commander 4 years ago

What you use it for is to prevent an enemy from ducking back into cover and continuing to annoy you; once you Pull him your allies will kill him easily as it gives a +100% damage bonus against him.

It will also stun a shielded enemy briefly, for half the cooldown of Shockwave.

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