Question from 7o0Ninjas

Asked: 6 years ago

The Streets are Calling?..

How do you pass the pro mission 'The Streets are Calling.'

I can do it until it I need to do a 360-Flip, I can do a front/ back flip and I have tried 360 Fliptrick, Frontflip-360, everything I can think of.

Accepted Answer

From: Super_Squirrel 6 years ago

It's not actually a fliptrick with a 360 degree rotation it's asking for, its asking for a "360-flip".

To do a "360-flip" move the right stick to the left (9 o'clock position) swing it down-right to the 6 o'clock position then flick it up-right (like you would "kickflip").

However, if you're skater is riding regluar, its the opposite of each. so it would be 3 o'clock swing down to 3 and then up-left.

Hopefully that clears it up a bit for you.

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