Question from Necrobras

How Do I Break Every Bone In My Body?

I jump off big towers roll down the cliff at the SV Dam but nothin will break all ma bones WHAT WILL!!!?


CptAwesome80 answered:

I don't think its possible in this game. Theirs just to many.
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bho93 answered:

i did once but i kinda forget how i did it. I think i placed a bench near the hideki tower and landed on it.
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CivicEk321 answered:

I broke 23 bones (not sure if thats all of em') at "Top Of the E". I hit the tower and then the ground and then rolled for like 18 seconds.
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PIEGUY88 answered:

Glitch ONLY
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PIEGUY88 answered:

Glitch ONLY
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Kofigotskillz answered:

Its not a glitch and it is possible. My friend did it and he unlocked a character 4 it. I havnt done it yet but i would say to jumpm off lindley tower once unlocked
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masterchaozz answered:

heers how I did it a number of times:once you unlock hideki tower grab as many items as you can,place them in your landing spot(be sure their no so big and they must be spreaded out,rails help a lot)then jump and hope for the best,the character you get is dem bonez
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love_vengeance answered:

It's not possible....i've tried
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noogia13 answered:

I havent done it yet, but I would take a few swings at jumping off lindley tower.
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7firefox answered:

Place lots of objects in the area that you land in at the bottem of hideki tower.
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