Question from ptemptibus

How do I handplant the back-board?

I've tried moving the little ramp around, but I can't get up to handplant the back-board for this thrasher mission. please help


Henrydamoose answered:

Try to pump between the two ramps. Once you get enough air, press RB right as you pass the top of the ramp. You should handplant the back-board then. However, the ramp should NOT be directly under the back-board or you will smack your body into it as you go up.
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stcrook answered:

This one may take some patience

Make sure that your ramp is not under the back-board, and also in good position (use the replay editor to take a look around while your in the air) Look around the basketball court untill you see the path that runs slightly uphill, run up to the top of the path, set your session marker and pump on your way down.

That's how I did it and I remember it took more then a couple tries
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