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Asked: 4 years ago

How can i change the language??

This week i went to nederlends , amsterdam.From there i have the game. Can i change the language?? pls help

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Go to options in the game play menu.

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Hi bigMike,

Unfortunately there is no possibility to change languages in the option menu, nor in the gameplay menu, as far as i can see...

Allthough i have a Dutch/English/French version im not able to find a option to change language anywere.

Please advise

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go to Locale on your Xbox setting and change it to Netherlands for Dutch, Belgium for French....

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I had the same prob, mine was in French from start up. So did some research and found this one. And it works!

go to Locale in your Xbox settings and change it to Netherlands for Dutch, Belgium will get French immediately.
My game has only got, Dutch, French, German and Italian. ~So I would say its the same principle for other languages...

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