Boss FAQ by LightOfJudgment

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Tales of Vesperia Boss FAQ version 1

**If you need help with Gattuso/the wolf boss/the Ehmead Hill boss,
use Ctrl +F with the code "[E M H]" without the spaces. If you need help
with the final boss' third form, use the code "[F I N 3]" without the spaces.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction and Contact policy [INT]
2. Version History/Planned Updates [VEH]
3. General Strategies [GEN]
4. Storyline Bosses [STO] (Locations and secret mission numbers are listed to
avoid spoilers)
   -Zaphias (First Battle) [ZA1]
   -Zaphias Castle (Secret Mission 1) [ZC1]
   -Shaikos Ruins (Secret Mission 2) [SHR]
   -Ehmead Hill (Secret Mission 3) [EMH]
   -Magistrate's Residence (Secret Mission 4) [MGR]
   -Caer Bocram (Secret Mission 5) [CBR]
   -Heliord (Tutorial) [HE1]
   -Forest of Keiv Moc (Secret Mission 6) [KEM]
   -Ghasfarost (Part 1 last boss, Secret Mission 7) [GHA]
   -Heliord (Mini boss) [HE2]
   -Nordopolica (Secret Mission 8) [NO1]
   -Weasand of Cados (Secret Mission 9) [WEC]
   -Sands of Kogorh (Secret Mission 10) [SOK]
   -Nordopolica 2 (Secret mission 11) [NO2]
   -Mount Temza (Secret Mission 12) [MTT]
   -Shrine of Baction (Secret Mission 13) [BAC]
   -Heracles (Secret Mission 14) [HER]
   -Blade Drifts of Zopheir (Secret Mission 15) [ZOP]
   -Zaphias Castle 2 (Secret Mission 16) [ZC2]
   -Zaude sub-boss (The Infamous Secret Mission 17) [ZD1]
   -Zaude end-boss (Part 2 last boss, Secret mission 18) [ZD2]
   -Erealumen Crystallands (Secret Mission 19) [ECR]
   -Relewise Hollow (Secret Mission 20) [REH]
   -Aurnion (Secret Mission 21) [AUR]
   -Tarqaron sub-boss (Secret Mission 22) [TAR]
   -Final Boss (Secret Mission 23) [FIN]
5. Optional Bosses [OPT]
  5a. Giganto Monsters [GIG]
    - Hermit Drill [HED]
    - Medusa Butterfly [MED]
    - Pterobronc [PTE]
    - Brutal [BRU]
    - Poseidon [POE]
    - Fenrir [FEN]
    - Chimera Butterfly [CHI]
    - Griffin [GRI]
    - Brucis [BRC]
  5b. Other Optional Bosses [OTH]
    - "Loli-Twins"
    - Final Boss, third form [FIN3]
    - EX Dungeon Cameo Boss [EXCA]
    - A Note on Memory Bosses [NOTM]
6. Closing and Credits [CLC]
7. Legal [LEG]

Introduction and Contact policy [INT]

Welcome to the Boss FAQ for Tales of Vesperia! Although some of the entries
here may prove to be a waste of space, I sincerely hope that this guide helps
you beat some of the harder bosses of the game. This is my first FAQ.

Contact policy:
You may contact me at darkknot612 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Please include
something such as ‘ToV boss FAQ’ in the subject line so I do not dismiss
your e-mail as spam or other nonsense.

Feel free to send e-mails about:
-Any mistakes or discrepancies in the guide
-New Strategies that have worked for you
-Constructive criticism/feedback
-Requests for updates/boss entries
-A request to post this guide on your site

Please DO NOT send e-mails that:
-Are rude and do not help me in any way
-Are not related to the guide
-Contain information already found in the guide
-Are hard to read
-Say something such "your FAQ sucks" without any reasons or suggestions for

If you send me any information or strategies, I will test them and will
include them if they work/are correct. And of course, you'll be credited.

If you request to put this FAQ on your site, be sure to give me the URL. I
will check the site and will reply informing you if it is approved or not.
Your site should be a Tales-related site with some content of its own; it
should not have this guide as the focal point. If it is approved, be sure
to check for updates.

Version history and future planned updates [VEH]

Version 1.0: Finished writing strategies for major bosses (and some minor
bosses) and optional bosses. General Strategies and Monster Book Entries are
also included. FAQ is complete on its basic level.

Planned Updates: May add entries for other, more minor bosses, attack
descriptions and strategies for Unknown mode.

General "Common Sense" Strategies [GEN] (courtesy of Shinarouji):
- Always try to have at least five apple gels, orange gels, and life bottles.
You never know when you'll need them.
- Status effect bottles aren't as useless as they seem. Many people overlook
them, but they could really help you out in some cases. Keep a few on hand.
- Panancea bottles are your friend.
- USE YOUR SKILLS. I've seen many people on the board not know what Skills
are because they didn't pay attention during the tutorial on them. They help
you a lot, so don't ignore them!
- Everyone updates their equipment, but many don't update their accessories.
Don't be one of these people. Many of them are useful.
- ALWAYS HAVE AS MANY MAGIC LENSES AS YOU CAN. Knowing your enemy's weaknesses
can turn the tide of battle into your favor. Plus, it's always nice to know
how much health your opponent has left until you kill them.

4. Storyline Bosses [STO]

1. Zaphias [ZA1]
NOTE: Before going into Mordio's Residence, be sure you have your controls set
the way you want them to be. This game changes the default layout from Tales
of the Abyss, so be warned.

Adecor(Tweedle A)/Boccos(Tweedle B)
Level 5/5
Type: Both are Humans
HP: 2,345/2,109
TP: 100/100
P.ATK: 74/64
P.DEF: 70/88
M.ATK: 32/32
M.DEF: 28/28
AGL: 32/28
EXP: 15/15
Gald: 15/15
LP: 3/3
No resistances or weaknesses for either

These two guys shouldn't be hard if you know what you're doing. If you're
somehow having problems and wish to beat them - the story continues regardless
if you do or don't - there are a few things that you should keep in mind.
-Remember to use Guard (Holding X) and Free Run (LT) so you don't get hurt as
-Don't change your target, doing so at this point is unnecessary.
-Don't be too reckless. Start your combo at a good angle so that you'll hit
them both, then block and back off.
-It's possible to add a fourth hit to the normal combo using the Free Run
attack (LT + attack button). It's a great way to get an extra edge with combos
early on.
-It's important to realize that both are slower than you, and that Tweedle B
(the short and stout one) is the slower of the two. Take advantage and
separate them before attacking.

2. Zaphias Castle (Secret Mission 1) [ZC1]

Level 8
Type: Human
HP: 4,500 in first part, 5,000 in second part
TP: 420
P.ATK: 92
P.DEF: 104
M.ATK: 77
M.DEF: 88
AGL: 69
EXP: 400
Gald: 300
LP: 6
Resistance: Fire
Weak: Water

The secret mission for this fight is to prevent Zagi from causing too much
damage to Pink when she enters the fight.

-We highly recommended that you get to level 6. Zagi will go for you
exclusively if you're that high.
-Use similar combo strategies to what you did against the Tweedles
-If his attacks damage you a lot, Free Run away from him until he uses one,
then strike when he's recovering
-Guard against everything except Falling Leaf, as that breaks your guard and
won't damage you much anyway
-Be smart with your Apple Gels. If you don't have enough, beat up random
knight patrols until one of them drops one, then save and try again.
-When Pink enters, whack him if he goes after her
-Pink knows First Aid. Make sure she keeps using it and doesn't try to attack
Zagi. You can fix this in the strategy menu by setting her to "Defend" and
mapping First Aid to a shortcut - be warned that "Heal" is not a viable
option since she's a moron.

3. Shaikos Ruins (Secret Mission 2) [SHR]

Level 18
Type: Inorganic
HP: 19,200
TP: 320
P.ATK: 272
P.DEF: 234
M.ATK: 90
M.DEF: 76
AGL: 103
EXP: 600
Gald: 500
LP: 10
Resistance: None
Weak: None

The secret mission for this fight is to cut his weaker-looking leg when he
uses his X-Buster attack.

-You should mainly use artes to attack. Normal attacks will bounce off 90% of
the time. If, however, an ally continues the combo after your arte, you can
continue with normal attacks.
-When the boss pounds the ground, block (unless you're right in front of him,
then run away) or better yet, jump. The resulting shock hits the entire field
but will miss if you're in the air.
-Dodge the dropkick and the uppercut. Both will break your guard.
-When Goliath starts to turn, he will stop where you were initially even if
you move. Take advantage and get to his side, as the back(the dropkick) and
front are danger zones.
-It's recommended that you use Rita for this fight. Having too many people
close to the boss at one time is asking for trouble. Set Rita to "Artes Only"
and turn off all melee artes (the weird formulas) to avoid having her melee.
-Karol is also a tank and probably has the greatest damage resistance, so
it's advisable to use him over Repede at this point.

4. Ehmead Hill (Secret Mission 3) [EMH]

Gattuso/Gattuso Cub (x2)
Level 20/16
Type: Both are beasts
HP: 26,543/3,200
TP: 380/72
P.ATK: 288/182
P.DEF: 245/143
M.ATK: 141/81
M.DEF: 122/77
AGL: 155/96
EXP: 700/52
Gald: 600/52
LP: 20/4
Resistance: Wind/None
Weak: Fire/None

I have two strategies for this fight.

The secret mission for this fight is to knock Gattuso over while he's stunned
from the flower pollen.

WARNING: This boss fight is extremely difficult compared to anything you have
already faced. BE PREPARED.

Strategy one:

-I recommend using a party of Yuri + Karol + Repede + Rita.
-Be at least level 16. Beating him at a lower level is possible, but not easy,
especially for a first playthrough
-Kill the cubs first. If you still lose, distract big guy as Yuri and set the
others' strategies to attack a different enemy so the cubs die first.
-Karol's defaults are great, but if you're low on HP, set him to "Heal." He
manages this strategy better than Estelle does and is overall the better
healer once he gets the right artes.
-Ensure that Repede has Item Thrower. His fighting power is necessary.
-Rita should also be set to 100% TP usage and "Magic Artes Only" and it's
recommended (but not necessary) to turn off all of her Artes except for Fire
Ball, as Gattuso is weak to fire.
-Yuri's Destruction Field is also useful
-Stock up on items if necessary. It's recommended to have several Life Bottles,
as you'll need them.
-Use your Overlimit wisely. Rita can spam Fire Ball repeatedly and cause
massive damage. Yuri can do the same with Destruction Field spam. Repede and
Karol should not use Overlimit.
-When going for the secret mission, use Azure Wolf Strike (You'll need to use
Azure Edge and Wolf Strike 50 times each to get it at level 15) when Gattuso
is near a flower to cause the damage, then knock him over.

Strategy Two:

He's commonly regarded as the hardest boss in the game. So you don't suck.
Anyway, you'll want a party of Yuri, Estelle, Karol and Rita. Set Rita and
Karol to "Attack Weak Enemies" so that they'll kill the cubs while you keep
the big guy busy. You do NOT want him to be able to run free while there are
other enemies around. Do not attack, however, as he'll go Over Limit at/near
the beginning of the battle, and you'll be unable to stagger him. Wait for the
aura to vanish, then you can attack to distract him. Use Azure Edge if he goes
for Rita or Estelle and Wolf Strike when he's attacked and whiffed.
Several of his attacks, the tail stab and the howl will instantly guard break
you, so do your best to dodge them. The rest can be (critical) guarded, so do
so unless you have a ample window of opportunity to dodge. Don't try to dodge
Poison Claws; it's deceptively fast.
Strategies. Set Karol to Heal (he should have Nice Aid Smash if you're at a
decent level (14)) and set Rita and Estelle to Artes Only. Turn off all of
their melee artes (even Karol) so the mages don't go stupid and try to attack
head on. Have Orange Gels and (obviously) Life Bottles on hand. You may want to
allow Rita to use Over Limit. (BTW, you can edit strategy settings by pressing
X on each individual strategy that is set)To get the Secret Mission, try using
Azure Edge > Azure Wolf Strike while the boss is between you and a flower.

5. Magistrate's Residence (Secret Mission 4)[MGR]

Level 22
Type: Human
HP: 31,000
TP: 600
P.ATK: 312
P.DEF: 255
M.ATK: 129
M.DEF: 95
AGL: 133
EXP: 1,000
Gald: 900
LP: 15
Resistance: Fire
Weak: Water

The secret mission here is to knock Zagi off the boat by whatever means
necessary. NOTE: Knocking him off the edge will not end the battle.

-Being at least level 18 is recommended.
-Any party should suffice at this time
-Although it's a 4-on 1 battle, don't underestimate Zagi. His P. Atk is beefed
up significantly, and he'll rip through characters relatively easily. Stay on
your toes.
-For the Secret mission, you can either do Fang Strike > Crushing Eagle near
the edge, or Fang Strike > Over Limit. Either one does the job nicely. Be sure
to aim correctly!
-As usual, don't block Falling Leaf or Savage Flight.
-Take full advantage of OL when you get it.
-Run away whenever Zagi uses Overlimit. Getting caught in a combo while Zagi is
in OL usually means death, because he most likely won't stop until he whiffs.

6. Caer Bocram (Secret Mission 5)[CAB]

Dreaded Giant
Level 24
Type: Aquatic
HP: 34,800
TP: 500
P.ATK: 330
P.DEF: 280
M.ATK: 240
M.DEF: 140
AGL: 24
EXP: 1,200
Gald: 1,000
LP: 20
Resistance: Earth, Water, Light, Darkness
Weak: Fire, Wind

The secret mission is to knock him over when he stands on his hind legs.

-You start the battle out alone. Just run away until everyone else joins.
You're forced to have a party of Yuri, Rita, Repede and Estelle, so prepare
-Don't let Rita use any spell other than Fire Ball. If Estelle has Photon,
don't let her use that either.
-Like with Goliath, when he pounds the ground, jump. A direct hit will break
your guard, as well as the uppercut. Hitting him twice while he's rearing up
to pound the ground will get you the Secret Mission.
-He has a couple of powerful magic attacks as well. One happens when he pounds
the ground quicker than normal (no shockwave will be produced) and summons a
Stalagmite. Another has him summoning an Aqua Laser with a roar. Magic guard
these; they hurt.
-As usual, take full advantage of OL and run when he activates his. This battle
isn't too hard as long as you aren't too reckless. Watch your party, but don't
use too many items. (you won't have a chance to shop between now and the next

7. Heliord 1 [HE1]

Adecor (Tweedle A)/Boccos (Tweedle B)
Level 15/15
Type: Both are Humans
HP: 12,345/12,109
TP: 240/320
P.ATK: 230/212
P.DEF: 155/170
M.ATK: 88/79
M.DEF: 58/64
AGL: 88/72
EXP: 300/300
Gald: 300/300
LP: 5/5
Resistance: none for either
Weak: None for either

There is no Secret Mission for this fight.

-This is a fight where you only have Yuri available - be warned.
-Focus on one guy before going to the next unless your target uses Overlimit.
Only change your focus in that situation and avoid the guy with OL as best as
you can. They have also learned new tricks.
-Avoid a situation where both of them team up against you. Use speed and Free
Run to your advantage
-Use your new trick to your advantage. It hurts. If you can damage both of
them, that's the best place to use it.
-Use Apple Gels wisely.
-Go all-out with your Artes provided that you have enough Orange Gels to
replenish TP
-Equip the right accessory. Attack and Defense Rings are probably your best
bets here.
-Basically, take your time, keep your HP up, and focus on one at a time. This
fight isn't to be taken lightly.
8. Keiv Moc (Secret Mission 6)[KEM]

Level 25
Type: Insect
HP: 48,000
TP: 440
P.ATK: 358
P.DEF: 399
M.ATK: 260
M.DEF: 185
AGL: 184
EXP: 1,100
Gald: 1,100
LP: 25
Resistance: Earth, Wind, Water
Weak: Fire, Light, Darkness

The secret mission for this fight is to have Raven plant a Serpent bomb in the
pool of water that the giant enemy crab uses to heal itself, giving it a
present that it didn't want.

-Synthesize a Moon Selector for this fight. The Red Eyes nearby (across the
bridge) drop the Red Lens item, which will hopefully make you set to synth one.
This is necessary for the Secret Mission, unless you want to control Raven for
the entire fight.
-Have Rita use only Fire Ball and Spread Zero. Estelle can use Photon if she
wants, but you may choose to not let her use it due to its TP cost.
-Have Raven in the party for the Secret Mission; use the Moon Selector to
control him when needed. You need to hit the boss with Serpent (either place
one in the water or set it right next to it when it tries to drink) when it
tries to heal itself. It will try to heal when it's below 1/2 HP (24,000 on
Normal or 60,000 on Hard).
-It has some fairly powerful attacks such as Tail Spear and Blade Swipe. The
former breaks your guard.
-Run away when it shoots goo into the air; it'll fall in front of it
momentrarily and may cause Contamination if it hits.
-Its attacks are easily seen; block or dodge if you have an opportunity.
-As usual, take full advantage of OL (including Burst Artes, which CAN be used
as many times as Over Limit time permits) and run when the boss uses it. This
fight isn't hard as long as you prevent its healing by doing the Secret
-Remember, Fatal Strikes increase the EXP, LP or drop rates of an enemy. Go for
some Red FS chains to get a Great Crab Shell from it.

9. Ghasfarost (Secret Mission 7)[GHA]

Level 30
Type: All are Humans
HP: 49,800
TP: 550
P.ATK: 366
P.DEF: 386
M.ATK: 290
M.DEF: 160
AGL: 37
EXP: 2,000
Gald: 3,000
LP: 20
Resistance: None for all
Weak: None for all

The secret mission is to destroy the bridge supports to prevent more thugs from
coming out.

-For a party, use Yuri + Estelle + Karol + Rita. If Raven has Love Shot
already, drop Estelle for him.
-To do the Secret Mission, Overlimit Fire Ball spam on each support will
probably do the trick.
-After the supports are destroyed, take out the remaining thugs before
attacking their boss.
-As usual, Overlimit works wonders. Now that you have two levels, you can use
OL1 or OL2.
-When he uses his Overlimit, play cat and mouse. You're the mouse.
-He's pretty easy to combo if you do it correctly. Shining Fang and Dragon
Swarm are great for this.
-His Macabre Hammer and Hammer Roll attacks hurt. They also break guard
(as well as Jump Hammer). Try your best to avoid them.
-Take advantage of that new Combination skill to dish out more damage. (Do a
normal attack combo, then base arte, then Arcane Arte. Crushing Eagle does
quite a bit of damage when you utilize this.)
-You'll want to have lots of Orange Gels, as this fight will be fairly long.

10. Heliord 2 [HE2]

Yeager/Titane (x3)
Level 30/28
Type: Both are Humans
HP: 30,000/10,020
TP: 600/150
P.ATK: 340/345
P.DEF: 224/302
M.ATK: 264/209
M.DEF: 99/240
AGL: 180/220
EXP: 0/98
Gald: 0/184
LP: 10/3
Resistance: None/Darkness
Weak: None/Light

There is no secret mission for this fight.

-Go for the goons first. They're weak.
-If Yeager enters Overlimit, you know what to do - run.
-It's important to note that this is the first of many bosses that can and will
 break your combos.
-Be wary of his status effect inducing attacks. He can cause an attack debuff,
Sealed Skills, Sealed Artes, and Contamination.
-Try not to get teamed up on by multiple goons; the damage can really add up.
Fatal Strikes work well in getting rid of them quickly.

11. Nordopolica (Secret mission 8) [NO1]

Level 30
Type: Human
HP: 60,000
TP: 840
P.ATK: 408
P.DEF: 469
M.ATK: 345
M.DEF: 233
AGL: 199
EXP: 2,500
Gald: 1,500
LP: 22
Resistance: None
Weak: None

-Set up your party, skills, etc. BEFORE entering the tournament with Yuri.
-With his blastia comes new artes. None of them are particularly dangerous,
-He's easier than the last time, as long as you set up a functional party.
-Once again, run when he enters Overlimit.
-To get the Secret Mission, you'll want to set your party (with the exception
of Rita) to Defend. Now, have Rita cast random spells. Zagi will use Blastia
Suction in response. After he uses it several times, his bodhi blastia will
explode, getting you the secret mission.

There isn't anything really special about this fight. Just employ normal
tactics that have worked so far and it'll be a relatively easy win.

12. Weasand of Cados (Secret Mission 9)[WEC]

Pteropus/Leader Bat/Attack Bat (x4)/Magic Bat (x4)
Level 33 for all
Type: All are Birds
HP: 66,000/24,000/8,000/6,000
TP: 600/500/100/300
P.ATK: 468/422/332/302
P.DEF: 500/385/322/302
M.ATK: 340/303/225/336
M.DEF: 200/106/150/312
AGL: 225 for all
EXP: 2,700/2,700/0/0
Gald: 1,500/1,500/0/0
LP: 30/30/0/0
Resistance: Wind, Water, Darkness/None/Wind, Darkness/Wind, Darkness
Weak: Light/none/Light/Light

The secret mission is to kill the Leader Bat when Pteropus splits so he can't

-The boss resists water, wind and darkness, and is weak to light. Set up artes
-Judith can be useful with aerial attacks. Use her if you wish.
-When Pteropus splits into several bats, take the Leader Bat out first for the
secret mission. As he flies high in the air, double-teaming is helpful, as is
using Overlimit to down it.
-Equip the Aquamarine if you have it when he splits. It reduces the overused
Splash to a mere 3-5 damage per hit.
-Magic Bats are annoying in large numbers. Take them out or have your allies
do it by selecting "Arte Users" as their primary target in Strategy.
-More insta-guard break attacks: the vertical tail swipe and the swooping
attack (it's hard to describe)
-Raven is a pretty good tank if you take advantage of his Chivalry and Hunter
skills. He is also good for backup healing (with Love Shot, learned at level
31) since Estelle will probably never have a chance to cast when the Magic
Bats are around.

13. Sands of Kogorh (Secret Mission 10)[SOK]

Level 35
Type: Magic
HP: 78,925
TP: 660
P.ATK: 498
P.DEF: 505
M.ATK: 314
M.DEF: 108
AGL: 222
EXP: 3,000
Gald: 2,250
LP: 25
Resistance: Fire or Water
Weak: Water or Fire

The secret mission is to destroy the core to stop the inversion of day and

-It will try to invert day and night each time you hit it with its current
weakness (Day: Water and Night: Fire). When doing so, it will spit out its
core for a few seconds, which you should try to hit for the Secret Mission.
-There are a few ways to get the secret mission. You could use aerial attacks
as Judith, Severing Fang as Yuri or Tractor Beam as Rita (which, if it's
well-timed will destroy the core in one casting).
-Try to destroy the core at night. Yuri's Flamberge in tandem with Rita's fire
spells will make short work of it from there.
-It has quite a few annoying attacks, so avoid them whenever possible.
-It will be rather hard to combo due to its floating. Spells are preferable as
are any attacks that reach a good distance.
-The laser will guard break you (and has a high stun rate, too)
-It's a pretty easy boss if you can break the core early on, since it will heal
each time it inverts day and night.

14. Nordopolica 2 (Secret Mission 11)[NO2]

Level 38/37
Type: Both are Beasts
HP: 96,000/72,000
TP: 700/400
P.ATK: 505/480
P.DEF: 500/490
M.ATK: 496/460
M.DEF: 369/321
AGL: 193/193
EXP: 4,000/0
Gald: 3,000/0
LP: 30/0
Resistance: Wind, Water, Light for both
Weak: Earth for both

The secret mission is to re-light the candles so the double disappears

-This fight is easy until the double appears if you remember the basics.
-This boss breaks combos frequently, so be careful.
-Powerful attacks, including a tail swipe, which, like Outbreaker's laser, will
guard break and frequently stun.
-Weak to Earth, so have Rita use earth spells. If Repede is in your party, have
him use the Jiraya or one of its improved versions, as they're Earth element.
-When the double appears, SCAN IT WITH A MAGIC LENS IMMEDIATELY. This is your
only chance to do so.
-To get the Secret Mission, use Destruction Field on the four candles. If you
get the chance, have Rita Fire Ball the fourth so it goes quicker.
-After the double disappears, the fight should be smooth sailing if you're wary
of combo breaks.

15. Mt. Temza (Secret Mission 12)[MTT]

Level 39/38
Type: Both are Humans
HP: 71,258/57,890
TP:  1,080/1,400
P.ATK: 521/456
P.DEF: 500/408
M.ATK: 376/343
M.DEF: 225/335
AGL: 233/198
EXP: 3,500/2,500
Gald: 1,000/2,000
LP: 25/20
Resistance: None for both
Weak: None for both

The secret mission is to knock both of them over when they're stuck in the
ground. You will need to get a "GREAT!" scene for each one.

-You'll want to kill Nan first. She can heal and even resurrect.
-This is the first battle in which you'll face Mystic Artes from the enemies.
Nan's is rather weak and misses half the time, but Tison's is strong and
-Focus on comboing Nan alone while the rest of the party deals with Tison (set
them to "Target Strong Enemies" as Tison's level is higher.)
-For the Secret Mission, hit Tison when he does "Dragon Blade: Advent" and Nan
when she does "Rending Slash."
-Judith must be in your party for this fight. Plan accordingly.
-For this battle, drop the spellcasters and use more durable characters like
Karol and Raven. Tison likes to change targets frequently and will make short
work of most, especially Rita or Estelle.
-If you plan to use any Burst Artes as Yuri, stick with Divine Wolf - Flood, as
that's least likely to be interrupted.
-When you kill one, the other will get stronger. Be wary of this.

16. Baction (Secret Mission 13)[BAC]

Level 43
Type: Human
HP: 148,000
TP: 1,800
P.ATK: 578
P.DEF: 708
M.ATK: 412
M.DEF: 588
AGL: 452
EXP: 9,000
Gald: 2,500
LP: 28
Resistance: None
Weak: None

The secret mission is to hit him after he uses his Mystic Arte.

-Be sure you have a decent supply of items, since both Estelle and Raven are
gone for this fight.
-Given that they're gone, you'll want to use Yuri + Karol + Repede + Rita.
Trust us on this.
-Once again, the boss breaks combos VERY often. However, if he is stunned, he
will not break your combo until it ends.
-Watch out for his Apocalypse Toll attack. If he gets you with it, back off and
block until the symbol explodes.
-His Falling attack is also very powerful and has a high stun rate.
-For the Secret Mission, use Level 4 Overlimit or Repede's Gale Dog. Both work
-Be especially careful when he is in Over Limit. His artes get faster and more
powerful when he is in this state (for example, Apocalypse Toll summons TWO red
symbols around you, or one even if you block).

17. Heracles (Secret Mission 14) [HER]

Level 44
Type: Human
HP: 175,000
TP: 1,240
P.ATK: 624
P.DEF: 771
M.ATK: 444
M.DEF: 422
AGL: 212
EXP: 9,500
Gald: 5,000
LP: 30
Resistance: None
Weak: None

The secret mission here is to heal him when he poisons himself. The only means
to do so is to have Karol use Nice Recovery Smash.

-There's nothing new here. Business as usual...
-Don't block Savage Flight or Falling Leaf
-Run from his Overlimit. Always run from his Overlimit.
-Again, he has a few new artes. This time they're improvements of previous
artes (such as Cyclone Shot - Destruction)
-He breaks combos, so be careful.
-For the secret mission, just order Karol to use it and he'll take care of it
for you.

18. Zopheir (Secret Mission 16)[ZOP]

Level 48
Type: Aquatic
HP: 204,640
TP: 1,000
P.ATK: 634
P.DEF: 699
M.ATK: 540
M.DEF: 342
AGL: 224
EXP: 12,000
Gald: 7,500
LP: 30
Resistance: None
Weak: None

The secret mission here is to force it out of the ground when it uses Ice Edge.

-In the first segment, just run around and heal yourself with Nice Aid Smash as
necessary. You just need to survive.
-Karol is required for this battle. The best thing to do is to remove him from
your party before approaching the aer krene, as the game will then allow you to
access the menu after the solo segment.
-Since it is a flying enemy, you may choose to use Judith, though Rita is good,
-Have Raven in the party for his healing and durability.
-It has a few guard breaking attacks, including its tail swipe and ice breath.
-For the Secret Mission, hit it three times when it dives into the ground and
shows its fin.
-If you can't get to the fin in time, back off. It will unleash a powerful
attack that will always stun.
-Sometimes it will dive in and unleash an icicle attack. Back off, as this is
-Its Over Limit isn't much of an issue here. For some reason it ends as soon as
it dives in the ice. (and it does so often)

19. Zaphias Castle 2 (Secret Mission 16)[ZC2]

Level 48
Type: Human
HP: 68,000
TP: 1,600
P.ATK: 625
P.DEF: 700
M.ATK: 588
M.DEF: 379
AGL: 228
EXP: 0
Gald: 0
LP: 28
Resistance: None
Weak: None

The secret mission is to use the Mother's Memento during the 1-on-1 part of the
fight.You can get the Mother's Memento your first time in Mantaic by staying at
the inn there until you get a scene involving it.

-The first half of this fight is a joke. Don't worry about party selection, as
her HP is low for a 4-on-1 fight.
-The latter part of the fight is more challenging. She guard breaks when sh
can, so be wary.
-It is possible to defeat her in the 1-on-1 with a single combo (using
Overlimits) if you time it correctly. Practice with Yuri beforehand so you get
the hang of this.
-Use the Mother's Memento right at the start, as it will decrease her defenses.
If you don't have a Mother's Memento now, you can't get it.
-As she's weak, you really don't have to worry much about dodging her attacks
if you're careful.
-If you aren't good at/don't want to resort to utilizing Tensions, finish your
combos with a knockdown attack. Raging Blast is good, Lone Wolf Charge is
-As always, stay away when she is OL. Her Burst Arte is powerful but won't kill
you if your HP is kept up. She also has a habit of using it in the wrong

20. Zaude sub-boss (Secret Mission 17)[ZD1]

Level 50
Type: Human
HP: 230,000 (first part)/245,820 (second part)
TP: 1,700
P.ATK: 669
P.DEF: 798
M.ATK: 720
M.DEF: 400
AGL: 244
EXP: 12,000
Gald: 6,000
LP: 30
Resistance: None
Weak: None

This secret mission is the commonly regarded to be the hardest in the entire
game. After he opens his heart, you have to use Raven's Rain arte to shoot it
while he's grasping for air.

-For the secret mission, view this:
-Remember to scan both of his forms
-As before, watch out for his combo breaks, guard breaking attacks, and status
-Yeager is an extremely rare case of a boss that has a skill identical to Void
Attack. He can and will break combos even after he's stunned.
-If you're on an EX new Game and you brought over items and/or skills, the
Secret Mission is as easy as breaking his guard with a charged normal attack
from Karol (using the Charge Smash skill). It may be wise to wait for True
Knight if you are having problems.
-Nothing else is really new here. Avoid OL, combo him, don't use Estelle, etc.

Note: It's possible to get Karol's altered healing artes at this point,
allowing you to comfortably keep Estelle out of your party for good. The last
ingredient to synthesize the weapon with the skill - the Mjolnir - is the
Lizardman's Weapon, dropped by and stolen from the Lizardman (you'll need two).
You also find one Mjolnir behind the Giganto after Yeager, but you need two
for its off-shoot weapons (the usual alpha-betas).

21. Zaude end-boss (Secret Mission 18)[ZD2]

Level 54
Type: Human
HP: 305,550
TP: 2,800
P.ATK: 700
P.DEF: 690
M.ATK: 600
M.DEF: 480
AGL: 263
EXP: 17,000
Gald: 10,000
LP: 50
Resistance: None
Weak: None

The secret mission is to knock him over when he's grasping for air after his
Mystic Arte.

-His regular attacks are pretty strong and he knows how to break combos
-His Mystic Arte, Brilliant Cataclysm, is nuts. He loves to spam it, too. He'll
even sometimes use it right away when entering Overlimit. It covers a wide area
and is highly likely to hit everyone in your party. Be on your guard and still
run away from his OL - maybe you'll get lucky. There's still the secret mission
matter, though.
-Repede's Gale Dog is great for shielding against the Mystic and is the key to
getting the secret mission. Use the Moon Selector to control Repede and spam
Gale Dog when the boss enters OL, then run up to him and whack him after he uses
Brilliant Cataclysm. Change back to whoever you want afterward.
-The time he needs to breathe after each Mystic increases after each use. He
usually needs to use it at least three times for Repede to be able to knock him
-Estelle is completely worthless and should be nowhere near your party for this
fight or any fight after. Given that Karol should have Nice Healing Smash and
Nice Curing Smash now, he's a much more feasible option. His sturdy defenses
make him the most likely to survive a Brilliant Cataclysm. Estelle will most
likely die every time it's used.
-Rita may not have much time to cast (and she's prone to die to Brilliant
Cataclysm), so maybe use Raven for support in her stead, meaning that an
all-male party is the best way to go for this battle.

22. Erealumen Crystallands(Secret Mission 19)[ECR]

Level 56
Type: Aquatic
HP: 321,020
TP: 1,400
P.ATK: 705
P.DEF: 712
M.ATK: 500
M.DEF: 280
AGL: 188
EXP: 18,000
Gald: 18,000
LP: 30
Resistance: Earth, Water, Light, Darkness
Weak: Fire, Wind

The secret mission is to knock him down when he tries to Belly Drum.
- Use a party of Yuri, Karol, Rita and Raven.
-The same tips apply from the last fight, and the Secret Mission is similar,
-Yuri's Shiden weapon works wonders here, since it has both of its weaknesses
as an attack attribute. Avoid weapons like Raven's Splash Bow or Karol's
Mjolnir, since those will both heal him. Rita should only use fire spells and
Thunder Blade, and Raven can use any spell besides Inverno.
-For the Secret Mission, you first have to attack him from behind to get him to
withdraw his tail. Then you have to hit him twice when he rears up on his hind
legs, just like before.
-His magic attacks are upgraded from last time. Now he sports Tidal Wave and
Ground Dasher imitations.
-He also has new attacks such as the ice breath and poison breath. Both break
your guard.
-Overall, the battle shouldn't be too hard since his weaknesses are very easy
to exploit and he's a huge target.

23. Relewiese Hollow (Secret Mission 20)[REH]

Khroma Dragon
Level 59
Type: Scale
HP: 393,300
TP: 1,400
P.ATK: 722
P.DEF: 695
M.ATK: 850
M.DEF: 462
AGL: 180
EXP: 22,000
Gald: 8,000
LP: 30
Resistance: Fire, Wind, Light
Weak: Earth, Darkness

The secret mission is to slash her right after she uses Earthquake and causes
rocks to fall on you, causing her to fall over.

-Nothing really new here.
-The best party to use is Yuri + Karol + Repede/Raven + Rita
-She absorbs Light attacks. Remember that Estelle is useless, even more than
normal here.
-Have Rita use Earth and Dark attacks, as those are the boss' primary
-Blocking is your best friend, especially here.
-The boss has a Void Attack like skill, has fast and powerful attacks and a
Havoc Gale imitation magic attack. However, it's slow.
-Be wary of status effects, such as Paralysis or Sealed Artes.
-Overall, the fight is more annoying than hard as long as you aren't too
reckless. It's best to wait until the boss is hit with magic before attacking.
Rita's spells should make short work of it.

24. Aurnion (Secret Mission 21)[AUR]

Level 62
Type: Human
HP: 126,200
TP: 2,200
P.ATK: 615
P.DEF: 620
M.ATK: 400
M.DEF: 425
AGL: 220
EXP: 10,000
Gald: 10,000
LP: 30
Resistance: Wind, Light
Weak: None

The secret mission here is to drag the fight on for as long as possible to
allow him to use every Arte in his arsenal, including his Mystic Arte.

-This is a 1-on-1 fight. Be prepared with Lemon Gels and Guardian Field.
-He's slow, so dodge his attacks, then strike him for a combo.
The Artes he needs to use are as follows:
Dragon Swarm
Demon Fang
Tiger Blade
Demonic Chaos
Sword Rain Alpha
Holy Lance
Sonic Thrust
Demonic Circle
First Aid
Light Dragon Destruction (Mystic Arte)
-He will often use Holy Lance right after using First Aid to heal himself
-He will use his Mystic Arte whenever you use Savage Wolf Fury. Keep this in
-Watch for the "Great!" screen to know when you get the Secret Mission.
-Overall, not hard if you watch your HP, defend when necessary, and attack at
the right time
-He likes to break combos with Tiger Blade. Remember that he cannot if he gets
stunned. Equip Heavy Hit.
-Don't use Holy Avenger or Last Fencer (if you have it). He resists light
element attacks (and wind, for that matter).
-You'll be able to use your Mystic Arte normally after he counters it
initially. He will too, so be wary.

25. Tarqaron sub-boss (Secret Mission 22)[TAR]

Level 62
Type: Human
HP: 425,000
TP: 3,000
P.ATK: 730
P.DEF: 800
M.ATK: 666
M.DEF: 450
AGL: 798
EXP: 25,000
Gald: 19,000
LP: 30
Resistance: None
Weak: None

The secret mission is to hit him while he recharges after Blastia Bane.

-There isn't much new here, except for his Mystic Arte and that he can now use
Punishing Fog and Punishing Fury (the poison/paralysis attacks you disabled in
the last fight with him by doing the Secret mission) normally. He can still
break combos.
-The Secret mission is to hit him after he uses Blastia Bane, which has him
absorbing aer into his blastia while repeatedly saying "c'mon." Like with
Alexei's Mystic Arte, he'll have to use it a few times before you'll be able to
hit him for the Secret Mission.
-His Mystic Arte can be pretty dangerous if you're unlucky. Keep yourself
healed to prepare for the worst.
-Overall a pretty easy fight. Any tactics that worked up to this point will
work here.

26. Tarqaron, final storyline boss (Secret Mission 23)[FIN]

Duke First Form/Duke Second Form
Level 60/65
Type: Both are Humans
HP: 286,500/467,500
TP: 4,000/6,000
P.ATK: 762/808
P.DEF: 750/880
M.ATK: 690/760
M.DEF: 704/754
AGL: 712/744
EXP: 0/0
Gald: 0/0
LP: 0/60
Resistance: None
Weak: None

*note: if you need help with the final boss' third form, go to his respective
section under Optional Bosses. Alternatively, use Ctrl + F with the code
"[ F I N 3 ]" without the spaces. *

The secret mission is to finish his second form off with a Mystic Arte.

-Business as normal for the first form.
-His Mystic Arte, Big Bang, can't kill you. It leaves everyone in your party
with 1 HP. Bring an excess of Treats for this - some monsters in the dungeon
drop them. You can also exchange chips for them at Nam Cobanda Isle.
-Equip an Amulet or better yet, a Krona's Symbol. The fight will be a LOT
easier if you don't have to worry about status effects.
-The first two forms are pretty easy. Just be wary the usual combo breaks and
Over Limit.
-For the Secret mission, simply kill the second form with a Mystic Arte. The
sword you get will be useful for the third form.
-Watch out for his Punishing Divine Flash attack. It breaks your guard and
covers a wide area. You can either get lucky and slip between the beams or jump
and use an aerial attack such as Pyre Havoc to dodge.
-Make sure your party has as much HP and TP as possible. This is a battle of
attrition, especially if you are fighting the third form.

2. Optional Bosses
  2a. Giganto Monsters

1. Hermit Drill [HED]

Level 34
Type: Insect
HP: 73,600
TP: 590
P.ATK: 455
P.DEF: 510
M.ATK: 398
M.DEF: 396
AGL: 322
EXP: 10,000
Gald: 8,000
LP: 30
Resistance: Earth, Wind, Light
Weak: Water

Accessible: First time you enter the Weasand of Cados.
Location: The first time you encounter a path split in Cados (entering from the
Nordopolica side), take the lower path.
Strategy: This guy isn't too hard, but can be annoying. First, don't bother
attacking when it retreats into its shell. Instead, run. It may just be hiding
in its shell for the moment, or it may shoot out spines or advance forward,
both of which cause heavy damage. If it shoots out spines, block with Magic
Guard. If you use Estelle, don't let her use any attack spells. If you use
Rita, only let her use water spells. Be sure to dodge its Sleepy Bubble, as it
does very high damage (enough to guard break you if you attempt to block) and
puts anyone hit by it to sleep. Asleep characters won't wake up until they're
cured or hit.

Recommended level: 28-30

Defeating the first Giganto gets you an Achievement. However, if you did not
activate the Giganto quest before doing so, the quest is now closed off.

2. Medusa Butterfly [MED]

Level 45
Type: Insect
HP: 117,200
TP: 320
P.ATK: 643
P.DEF: 612
M.ATK: 555
M.DEF: 348
AGL: 388
EXP: 14,000
Gald: 9,500
LP: 30
Resistance: None
Weak: None

Accessible: Going through the Sands of Kogorh
Location: After the oasis and the healing save point in the Sands of Kogorh,
keep left. You'll encounter it in due time.
Strategy: Much stronger than the first Giganto, this one will give you a run
for your money if you aren't ready. It likes to link its powerful attacks
together, which will take you down to critical HP quick if you aren't careful.
The key here is to attack from the sides and to keep the hurt coming; the less
time it has to unleash its devastating attacks (which cover a wide range, by
the way) the better.

Recommended level: 30-33

3. Pterobronc [PTE]

Level 49
Type: Bird
HP: 168,523
TP: 880
P.ATK: 688
P.DEF: 636
M.ATK: 540
M.DEF: 640
AGL: 360
EXP: 12,000
Gald: 14,000
LP: 10
Resistance: Wind, Water, Light
Weak: Earth

Accessible: After beating the boss battle at Mount Temza
Location: The second area of Mount Temza after entering. It's in plain sight.
Strategy: This Giganto is VERY annoying. It constantly uses its wing spin or
energy blast attack (the latter of which breaks your guard and has a high stun
rate and the former of which does heavy damage if it hits more than once). It
also has its tail whack attack and that one attack where it moves along the
ground for a second towards its target. Those break your guard, too. Needless
to say, this one is annoying because of its hard to dodge, guard breaking
attacks. You'll be eating a lot of damage. The best thing to do is to take
advantage of its weakness, like you did with Hermit Drill, and make sure you
keep it pinned as much as possible, like you did with Medusa Butterfly.

Recommended level: 37-40

4. Brutal [BRU]

Brutal/Rhinossus (many)
Level 58/35
Type: Both are Beasts
HP: 339,000/12,000
TP: 560/166
P.ATK: 745/408
P.DEF: 600/345
M.ATK: 622/157
M.DEF: 561/120
AGL: 900/255
EXP: 15,000/177
Gald: 15,000/277
LP: 30/4
Resistance: None for both
Weak: None for both

Accessible: After going through the Blade Drifts of Zopheir
Location: Right outside Deidon Hold's northern exit
Strategy: Brutal is accompanied by three Rhinossi. These aren't ordinary
Rhinossi, either; they're beefed up. You can go after them if they annoy you
too much, but Brutal can use Cry of the Lord to call more of them; up to 4 at
a time on the field. Brutal himself is no pushover either; he sports powerful
horn and charging attacks. Depending on where you are in the game when you
fight him, you may want to ditch the casters since there will almost always be
other enemies around. Watch out for its charge; it'll break your guard and do
heavy damage to anyone that comes in contact with the beast. It isn't uncommon
to be "inexplicably" hit and stunned by the charge. Also watch out for the
lightning attack when its HP goes below half; it breaks yor guard and has a
high chance of paralyzing you.

Recommended level: 48-54

5. Poseidon [POE]

Level 55
Type: Inorganic
HP: 213,812
TP: 540
P.ATK: 778
P.DEF: 920
M.ATK: 450
M.DEF: 1,040
AGL: 79
EXP: 12,000
Gald: 15,000
LP: 30
Resistance: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water
Weak: Light, Darkness

Accessible: Going through Zaude
Location: Right after the room you fight Zaude's first boss in. It's in plain
Strategy: This Giganto is a carbon copy of Goliath. As such, the same stategy
applies. Just take note of his elemental attributes and the fact that he has
beefed up versions of some attacks (usually they have "Volt" somewhere in the
name). Also watch out for the Volt Crash and Volt 3 Crush attacks. They break
your guard and are VERY painful.

Recommended level: 47-50

6. Fenrir [FEN]

Level 58
Type: Beast
HP: 329,222
TP: 1,080
P.ATK: 765
P.DEF: 632
M.ATK: 630
M.DEF: 436
AGL: 256
EXP: 10,000
Gald: 12,000
LP: 30
Resistance: Earth, Wind, Water, Light, Darkness
Weak: Fire

Accessible: Going through the Erealumen Crystallands
Location: Take the right path right before the healing save point before you
fought the boss.
Strategy: He is a carbon copy of Gattuso. Don't despair though, as he is a lot
easier because of how much more you have available to you. He has the same
attacks plus one more attack: his ice breath. He shouldn't give you too much

Recommended level: 50-55

7. Chimera Butterfly [CHI]

Level 50
Type: Insect
HP: 166,800
TP: 400
P.ATK: 710
P.DEF: 780
M.ATK: 630
M.DEF: 340
AGL: 420
EXP: 16,000
Gald: 8,000
LP: 30
Resistance: Earth, Wind
Weak: Fire

Accessible: After gaining the four spirits and getting Sorcerer's Ring level 4
Location: Quoi Woods. From the save point, go right and keep going until you
reach some discolored vegetation. Use your Sorcerer's Ring on it and go
Strategy: This guy is pathetic. It's pretty much a carbon copy of the Medusa
Butterfly, but instead of Stone Powder, it flies up and drops poison powder as
it flies across the field. It may also swoop down at you. It has the same
attacks otherwise. Personally, it would have been best if Brucis and this
Giganto switched places...

Recommended Level: it doesn't really matter; you'll most likely be overleveled
for it by the time you're able to fight it.

8. Griffin [GRI]

Level 59
Type: Scale
HP: 379,800
TP: 1,200
P.ATK: 715
P.DEF: 752
M.ATK: 500
M.DEF: 620
AGL: 588
EXP: 15,000
Gald: 7,500
LP: 30
Resistance: None
Weak: None

Accessible: After gaining the four spirits
Location: East of Yumanju (the only field location on the western continent,
besides the aer krene). It'll spawn shortly after leaving the forest area.
Strategy: This one is a little harder than the others. It's a carbon copy of
the Khroma Dragon, but a little less annoying due to its lack of the Void
Attack skill. It still has the fast attacks and the Weak-inflicting breath
(but ditches the Sealed Artes homing balls). It also has a dangerous attack
called Infinity Beak, which, if it connects, will have Griffin pecking the
victim until he dies. It also inflicts Weak and Defense Down to speed up the
process. It also will use Merciless Gale (the Havoc Gale imitation). Other than
that, there's nothing new here. Employ a strategy similar to Khroma Dragon;
taking note that this monster has no weaknesses or resistances.

Reommended Level: 58-60

9. Brucis [BRC]

Level 62
Type: Beast
HP: 396,000
TP: 550
P.ATK: 777
P.DEF: 750
M.ATK: 600
M.DEF: 750
AGL: 690
EXP: 15,000
Gald: 20,000
LP: 30
Resistance: None
Weak: None

Accessible: Going through Egothor Forest. However, it's recommended you fight
it when the party reunites after Secret Mission 16 (at the earliest)
Location: Egothor Forest. From the Save point, go right.
Strategy: Here it is, the strongest Giganto. It isn't afraid to show it either
with its powerful attacks and fast speed. Like with Medusa Butterfly, you'll
want to attack from the sides for reduced risk. If you're at the end of the
game (or on an EX New Game), Karol's Destructo Spider Web with the Eternal
Weakness skill works wonders. The main thing here is to not be reckless; the
damage from its attacks adds up fast and one attack can easily turn into

Defeating all of the Giganto Monsters gets you an achievement. You can also get
a title for Karol if you did the related side quest. Doing said side quest also
allows you to get a title and arte (Shining Fang) for Repede.

Recommended level: 58-60

5b. Other Optional Bosses

If you got the Compact of Remembrance(see Sidequest guide for details) and met
the twins at Capua Torim in part 3, you'll be able to fight them at Zaude.
10. Gauche and Droite (the "Loli Twins")

Type: Both are Humans
Level 60/60
HP: 183,400/186,270
TP: 1,200/1,000
P.ATK: 635/680
P.DEF: 536/624
M.ATK: 580/492
M.DEF: 608/413
AGL: 260/230
EXP: 8,000/8,000
Gald: 5,000/5,000
LP: 30/30
Resistance: None
Weak: None

They can be annoying, as they can break combos and counter with the powerful
Aer Light attack. They're fast and like to string combo hits together. Guard
often; they don't have any attack that will break guard automatically. Watch
out for their thrusts: Gauche uses a Sleep thrust; Droite, a Charm thrust.
Their Mystic Arte isn't very powerful and it can't be used if one is dead. They
have spells: Both have Thunder Blade, Droite has Wind Blade and Gauche has
Eruption. They also both have First Aid. Have your party scatter and attack a
different enemy. Overall, it isn't a hard fight, but it can drag on if you let
them heal too much. Make sure you have Repede to steal a sword from each (and
for his item skills in general. An all-male party is ideal here, unless you're
good at using Judith.

Defeating them gets you a Letter of Challenge (Leviathan's Claw), and Raven's
Divine Cannon weapon.

If you have all seven Fell Arms and saw the scene with Flynn in Aurnion, you'll
face this boss after the first two forms of the final boss.
11. Third form of final boss (Radiant Winged One)[FIN3]

Level 82
Type: Human
HP: 528,200
TP: 10,000
P.ATK: 1,100
P.DEF: 1,150
M.ATK: 1,256
M.DEF: 1,078
AGL: 1,126
EXP: 40,000
Gald: 0
LP: 100
Resistance: None
Weak: None

-Whatever party you use against the first two forms will be your party here.
-If you did the second form's secret mission, you'll have the Last Fencer
sword, which has the Glory skill. Take advantage, but do NOT get too reckless.
The last thing you need here is needless death.
-He inflicts even more status effects this time around, mainly magical
ailments. An Amulet won't protect you completely this time around. More of his
attacks also have an instant guard break effect now.
-When you're inflicted with a magical ailment, cure it with a Dinei Bottle
right away. Remember, debuffs are noted with a red downward moving aura inside
a circle with a question mark or sword. Also be especially wary of Charm (pink
swirl). Karol can and WILL heal the boss if he is afflicted.
-Interrupt his spells (especially Healing Circle) with Final Gale. It staggers
him reliably (he is very resistant to staggering in this form) and has a high
stun rate.
-Be careful when he enters Over Limit when his HP is low. He may use his second
mystic Arte, Brave Vesperia, which will heal him and almost certainly kill
those who eat too much of the attack. Scatter when he enters Over Limit.
Thankfully, he can only use this Mystic Arte once.
-Basically, go all out with items, keep the pain coming and be wary of his
attacks and movements, as well as your party's condition. This is the strongest
and arguably hardest boss in the game, so don't pull any punches.

Defeating this form of the final boss will unlock the Fell Arms.

If you collect 15 Fake Gald and reach the end of the EX Dungeon, you'll face:
12. EX Dungeon cameo boss [EXCA]

Level 70
HP: 512,000
Type: Human
TP: 3,800
P.ATK: 869
P.DEF: 950
M.ATK: 820
M.DEF: 775
AGL: 520
EXP: 30,000
Gald: 15,000
LP: 10
Resistance: None
Weak: None

-He can string his artes together for devastating combos, but this shouldn't be
too much of a problem if you have Glory.
-His Mystic Arte is very powerful and covers a wide area.
-He breaks combos very often, as most human bosses do.
-He can heal with Guardian Field and First Aid. Use Final Gale or Azure Storm
to interrupt. There isn't much you can do if he's in Over Limit though.
-The boss isn't very hard, especially since you're probably overleveled from
all the experience that the memory bosses give you.

You'll get the Letter of Challenge (Legend) and unlock the 200 Man Melee (if
ou beat the 100 Man Melee with 3 characters AFTER getting the other three
letters of challenge) upon beating this boss. You'll also get an Acheivement
when you leave.

A Note on Memory Bosses:

These bosses are the main challenge in the EX Dungeon. They're beefed-up,
endgame versions of the bosses you faced throughout the game. If you defeated
all of the Giganto Monsters, you'll face memory versions of them, too. Some
bosses don't have a memory version. Note that almost all of the memory bosses
will break combos, even those that didn't when you fought them in the story.

6. Closing and Credits

First, I would like to thank GameFAQS users Shinarouji and AmandaKimmel (who is
NOT a girl, by the way). They both gave me vital information that is in this
guide. AmandaKimmel in particular contributed to many of the boss strategies.

I would also like to thank all of the following: Brad Lascelle, crystalchaos,
Elec Man EXE, iReSoLuTe, KADFC, Kouli, Lord Necrodain, Metarius6,
omegaevolution, Tales_Otaku, TendercrispBCR, Vermanubi_s, Xenogirl08, and
everyone else who frequents the Tales of Vesperia board. The information within
the sticky that was created with their help (and mine) helped in the making of
this guide.

Namco Bandai Games for creating this masterpiece of a Tales game.

And of course, you, who took the time and had the common sense to refer to
this guide.

7. Legal

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