Question from brandon12202

Dice/Blue dice?

Can someone tell me how to get the items i missed the ex dungeon
i need them for farming


BlueCrystalTear answered:

Zagi drops the only Dice available in the game when you fight him in Nordopolica.

You can synth that Dice into a Blue Dice with a Blastium Ore J. Gentlegolems drop it - they're in the Father Muzaeli Mountains while it's windy. I believe that's near Mt. Temza and you need to beat the Ba'ul races in Myorzo to be able to land there.

There's another Blue Dice in Keiv Moc somewhere; you'll need the Level 4 Sorcerer's Ring.

You can get another one through an oft-missed sidequest in Mantaic... if you never spoke to the Kow Kid, by now, you're not going to get it, unfortunately :/

You only need 2-3 Blue Dice for Grade farming, since Rita is going to need a Wonder Symbol. It'll help a lot to have two - you really don't need the third.
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