Question from halusatonaka

How do I unlock Secret Mission 17 (Yeager)?

I know I have to Guard Break him before I use Raven's arte - Rain, on him ...
But I already guard break him and spammed rain on him using the overlimit but i still could not unlock this secret mission.
Guard Break is when the shield-like thingy breaks right?
How do I exactly aim Rain directly at Yeager's chest??
Can anybody help me strategise to complete this secret mission??
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Falru answered:

Hourglass/Stop Flow (unlikely you have that arte by then though) makes it SOOOO much easier. Just freeze time the moment he guard breaks then have Raven take a leisurely stroll in front of Yeager then shoot him in the chest with Rain.

p.s. Rainsong won't work.
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Boomerang78 answered:

This is a great video to show you how to do it.

It was VERY easy with this video, for me.
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